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Our Country Is Being Destroyed By Leftists’ Unwillingness To Punish Murderers, Looters, And Street-Poopers; A Year of Living Dangerously in American Cities: In the Old Days, Criminals Understood if They were Caught There Would Be Consequences, and related stories

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Our Country Is Being Destroyed By Leftists’ Unwillingness To Punish Murderers, Looters, And Street-Poopers:
Leftists’ intentional failure to prosecute violent criminals in some of the country’s most populous cities is propelling our societal breakdown.
Los Angeles officials revealed this week that in 2021, the city saw its highest number of homicides in 15 years. In addition to skyrocketing murders, Los Angeles is also struggling with an uptick in violence on the county’s railroad tracks, which are frequently targeted by gangs of looters. Since December 2020, some railroad companies have reported a “160% increase in criminal rail theft,” which has resulted in “approximately $5 million in claims, losses and damages” to the train companies alone.
During these raids, teams of looters pull boxes filled with luxury merchandise, Amazon packages, and even medical equipment such as COVID-19 tests and epinephrine pens out of train cars. After picking through the thousands of packages, the scavengers leave the junk in piles on and around the busy tracks.
Union Pacific, the second-largest railroad company in the United States, issued a scathing letter last month scolding the city for failing to control or punish the criminals organizing increasingly popular train raids but to no avail. --->READ MORE HERE
A Year of Living Dangerously in American Cities:
In the old days, criminals understood if they were caught there would be consequences.
In today’s urban America, if you are a thief, why wouldn't you smash a glass door or glass display case and grab all the merchandise you could? Seriously, why wouldn't you? In the old days you wouldn't because you would be scared that you would get caught.
In the past, “smash and grab” robberies occurred, but it was a very infrequent occurrence. It was rare because thieves understood if they were caught there would be consequences, and even punishment, perish the thought! A criminal would have to raise bail to be released. If not, he would have to spend weeks or even months in the slammer.
Afterwards, there would be a trial or a plea deal, and a criminal might have to go to prison for more months, if not years. Thus, the prospect of incarceration was a serious deterrent, which forced criminals to exhibit some limited self-control.
This is no longer the situation in urban America, everything has changed. At first the change was gradual, with incarceration and punishment being viewed by certain “intellectuals” as a racist tool used to control urban minorities.
Thereafter, liberal politicians started parroting the same line. These political leaders claimed communities needed to focus on the “root causes” of thievery and stop punishing people who stole from others.
It was already trending in the wrong direction, but a sea change occurred in 2015. After the Freddie Gray incident sparked the widespread riots in Baltimore, the Mayor made an incredible statement. She openly declared that the criminals, who were looting and burning her city, had to be given “space to destroy.” Thus, businesses and neighborhoods in Baltimore were sacrificed because the rioters were angry. --->READ MORE HERE
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