Monday, January 31, 2022

House Anti-China Bill Encourages Hiring of Chinese Scientists; Democrats Push Bill Expanding Research Funding as Chinese Communist Party Steals Secrets from U.S. Universities

House anti-China Bill Encourages Hiring of Chinese Scientists:
House Democrats have drafted a bill to counter China’s technological gains — but their bill encourages universities and companies to fill research jobs with more Chinese migrants instead of innovative Americans.
“They’re doubling down on the same failed policies that have gotten us to where we are today,” said Kevin Lynn, the founder of U.S. Tech Workers. He continued:
This investing in foreigners versus our own citizenry, this [corporate] efficiency model that is looking to always improve that bottom line, the profit margins, and not doing the things necessary to train the [American] people that will be innovative and more productive, has actually made our companies and the country less productive and less innovative.

These immigration provisions represent an investment in foreigners versus an investment in Americans, and none of that should be done with taxpayer dollars.
The House bill is titled the America COMPETES Act of 2022 and is a version of the Senate-passed Competes Act.
The Senate bill was widely panned for dodging core problems about the corporate transfer of research and manufacturing to China. It passed in June and promises to spend $250 billion on subsidies to help shore up U.S. competition with China. But the Senate bill does little to reduce growing U.S. reliance on Chinese labor in U.S. laboratories or the movement of manufacturing — and the entwined science and expertise — into China.
The bill also does little to counter Chinese government spying, technology theft, or market manipulations. “We have to have safeguards,” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) told Breitbart News in November. --->READ MORE HERE
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Democrats Push Bill Expanding Research Funding as Chinese Communist Party Steals Secrets from U.S. Universities:
Democrats introduced a bill on Wednesday to increase funding for semiconductor research to institutions vulnerable to Chinese espionage, an attempt to regain momentum after the failure of the “Build Back Better” agenda.
The bill entitled, U.S. Innovation and Competition Act (USICA), is designed to fund high tech research at academic institutions focused on the semiconductor industry.
The United States and Communist China both rely on Taiwan for manufacturing semiconductors. The independent nation near China manufactures 92 percent of the world’s semiconductors that Silicon Valley utilizes for American innovation.
Democrats on Tuesday claimed the USICA will “turbocharge our research capacity to lead the technologies of the future, and advance our global competitiveness, while supporting strong labor standards and human rights, among other key provisions.”
In section 10111 of the bill, it states the legislation will support the “development of universities’ workforces that foster collaboration between K-12 students, university students, early-career researchers, faculty, and national laboratories.”
Critics of the legislation believe it lacks safeguards against Chinese espionage. “President Biden is telling U.S. research centers, corporations, and colleges not to worry about Chinese espionage,” Vice Chairman of the Select Committee on Intelligence Marco Rubio stated after the release of the bill. --->READ MORE HERE
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