Thursday, December 9, 2021

Who Trusts Joe Biden to Stand Up to Vladimir Putin?; Putin Knows Biden is Weak; Trump Says Putin ‘not worried’ by Biden threats, Points to Afghanistan Chaos

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Who Trusts Joe Biden to Stand Up to Vladimir Putin?
David Ignatius wrote yesterday that the CIA and the Biden administration are seriously worried about another Russian invasion of Ukraine:
Blinken is likely to warn NATO allies Wednesday that Putin may be preparing a ploy in which he falsely claims that Russian-backed forces have been attacked by Ukraine, as a pretext for taking action. Blinken said last month that Putin made such false claims when he invaded Ukraine in 2014, and that they’re part of his “playbook.”
Ignatius concludes his column by declaring, if “Putin invades Ukraine, the United States and its allies are discussing this week how to make him pay as heavy a cost as possible.”
One can forgive the Ukrainians for not feeling reassured, because the last time Vladimir Putin moved a lot of troops into Ukrainian territory and seized Crimea, one of the U.S. officials who pledged serious consequences was… Joe Biden. --->READ MORE HERE
Illustration by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times
Putin knows Biden is weak:
So does Xi and the rest of the world
President Joe Biden’s virtual meeting Tuesday with Russian President Vladimir Putin might be thought of as a final checkup before Russian troops invade Ukraine. Mr. Biden has displayed nothing but weakness since taking office. Even his threats of “consequences” sound weak.
The president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, sounded bolder than the U.S. president when he threatened to “derail” any invasion of his country by Russian forces.
Look how different the world appears after Donald Trump left office. Mr. Biden ordered a precipitous withdrawal from Afghanistan, and all the administration could do was brag about what an efficient job it did in moving so many troops out so quickly, despite the 13 U.S. service members killed in the last days and the translators and Americans left behind.
For the first time, China is building a naval base in the Atlantic Ocean, off the African coast. Beijing is also ratcheting military flights over Taiwan and threatening to invade the democratic island nation. Mr. Biden’s response is to announce that he will not send government officials to the 2022 Beijing Olympics. That isn’t likely to put fear into the heart of President Xi Jinping. --->READ MORE HERE
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