Thursday, December 9, 2021

The Decline and Fall of Kamala Harris: She Thought She Was a Queen, But She Was Only a Pawn; OUCH! ... Only 16% of Dems Want Kamala to Run for President

The Decline and Fall of Kamala Harris:
The end of the Obama era renewed the civil war between the Democrat establishment and the Socialist insurgents. Hillary Clinton, the establishment woman whose loss to Obama had inaugurated 8 years of insurgent rule, faced down a new challenge from the Sanders insurgency.
The next round of the fight in 2020 was a virtual draw with black voters choosing Biden and white lefties backing Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. The Biden administration was a compromise between both wings of the party. Its senior members are establishment while many of their juniors are Warren allies or linked to the Congressional Black Caucus.
Biden was a useful compromise candidate because his age and mental condition made him a “one-and-done” politician whose administration would take the hit by implementing radical policies and coping with the political fallout from the pandemic and runaway inflation.
Except that Biden, who keeps promising to run again, doesn’t seem to know it.
The only member of his administration who is even more clueless than Joe is Kamala. The compromise that put her in the White House was the most misguided one of them all.
Biden had promised the Congressional Black Caucus a black female veep. The CBC wanted one of its own, particularly Rep. Karen Bass, but considering her Castro sympathies and general leftist radicalism, that would have meant writing off Florida and the rest of America. --->READ the REST from Daniel Greenfield HERE
Only 16% of Dems Want Kamala to Run for President:
There's a reason that Kamala's staffers are headed for the exit. As I discussed today in The Decline and Fall of Kamala Harris, she has no future after trying to be everything to everyone only to end up being nothing to no one.
In a party deeply divided between radicals and establishment types, Kamala tried and failed to win the support of both, but is coming away with the support of neither. No one likes her and no one trusts her. And the campaign to undermine her is being waged subtly, but effectively.

Kamala’s top people are leaving because everyone in D.C. understands that she doesn’t have a future. Staffers work for politicians whom they expect will be able to advance their careers. It’s become obvious even among the third and fourth tier people around Kamala that she isn’t going anywhere. And no one with any ambition is likely to stick around and follow her off to the exit.

No longer a senator and a veep no one wants to see in the big chair, she has nowhere to go.
The latest in a series of polls delivers another death blow to Kamala's presidential ambitions. --->READ MORE HERE
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