Sunday, December 12, 2021

State Lawmakers, Activists Prepare to Make California a ‘Sanctuary State’ for Abortion: The Proposal Incentivizes Medical Students to Perform Abortions in Remote Areas by Awarding Them Scholarships, and related stories

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State Lawmakers, Activists Prepare to Make California a ‘Sanctuary State’ for Abortion:
Anticipating a reversal in the Supreme Court’s abortion jurisprudence, pro-abortion clinics, activists and lawmakers in California are spearheading an initiative to make the state a “sanctuary” for the procedure by subsidizing travel and lodging for out-of-state women seeking the procedure.
The California Future of Abortion Council, a network of over 40 abortion providers and activist groups, published a suggested plan for the state in the event of a reversal of Roe v. Wade, in which case the issue would return to the states to craft their own policy.
Prominent Democratic lawmakers in the California state government, such as Toni Atkins, helped draft the proposal, the Associated Press reported. Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom told the AP he created the coalition, which will share more information about the recommendations in the January budget proposal....
...The report also encourages legislators to incentivize medical students to commit to performing abortions in more remote parts in California by awarding them scholarships and helping them pay off their student loans and monthly liability insurance premiums. --->READ the FULL STORY HERE
Democrats And Planned Parenthood Are Working To Turn California Into A Baby-Killing Dystopia:
Democrats in California are actively working to turn the state into a baby-killing dystopia ahead of the U.S. Supreme Court’s pending decision on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.
The California Future of Abortion Council, which is comprised of more than 40 pro-abortion organizations, released a report on Wednesday outlining 45 recommendations that activist legislators and politicians in the Golden State can act upon to ensure that unwanted unborn babies don’t live. Included in the report are proposals to increase government funding of abortion facilities, create jobs for racial minorities to join the abortion industry, “address misinformation and disinformation,” and even “reimburse[] for abortion and abortion-related services.”
Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom, who assisted in creating the council in September of this year after Texas effectively banned killing unborn babies with detectable heartbeats, expressed full support for the recommendations which he said will assist in his administration’s goals to create a “sanctuary” state for abortion. --->READ MORE HERE
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