Sunday, December 12, 2021

Arizona Emerges as New Border Hotspot; Governor Deploys More National Guard Troops; ILLEGALS Flooding Through the 'Yuma Gap' in AZ Creating a State of Emergency; AZ Mayor Declares Emergency amid Migrant Border Surge, and related stories

Randy Hoeft/The Yuma Sun via AP
Arizona emerges as new border hotspot; governor deploys more National Guard troops:
The border in western Arizona was so porous this week that one group of illegal immigrants snuck in and walked seven miles — into a McDonald’s in downtown Yuma — without being stopped.
Another group marched to the gate of the Border Patrol’s headquarters and waited for agents to come out and get them, the Yuma County sheriff said.
“That speaks volumes,” Sheriff Leon Wilmot told The Washington Times. “They don’t have any agents to even respond.”
The usual flow of people through Yuma — 700 to 800 a day — surged to over a thousand, causing a back-up, forcing personnel to be shifted off line watch, and creating gaps that others came through. Farmers complained to local law enforcement that their fields were being trampled, and ambulances called to make medical runs for migrants in distress ended up swarmed by other migrants looking for rides into town, the sheriff said.
Republican Gov. Doug Ducey called it President Biden’s “December disaster”, arguing the administration’s border policies are to blame. --->READ MORE HERE
AP Photo/Fernando Llano
Illegal Aliens Flooding Through the 'Yuma Gap' in Arizona Creating a State of Emergency:
The “Yuma Gap” is the small corner of the world where Arizona, California, and Mexico intersect. And it has become one of the primary destinations for illegals trying to cross the border into the United States.
It’s gotten so bad in recent weeks that Yuma has declared a local state of emergency to deal with the crisis.
Former Director of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Thomas Homan says the border patrol in the tiny area is overwhelmed.
Fox News:
I think the cartel is taking advantage of Yuma. They know Yuma does not have the staffing that Rio Grande Valley has. In Del Rio, they detail hundreds of border patrol agents there. Yuma is being overwhelmed. I have had numerous Border Patrol agents from Yuma calling me and saying at one time they had 4,000 in custody. Another thousand stationed at the south of the border. They don’t have the facilities to handle that many people.
Homan says that agents were pulled off the line to process the illegals. He says his sources claim that hundreds of illegals rushed the border while the agents were busy doing clerical work. --->READ MORE HERE
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