Saturday, December 11, 2021

Lock Up the Dangerous Vaccinated! They're Killing People!; Who Could Have Seen This Coming? Hospitals That Laid Off Unvaccinated Staff Now 'Overwhelmed' , and other C-Virus related stories

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Lock Up the Dangerous Vaccinated! They're Killing People!
“Get the vaccine! If not for yourself, do it to protect others!”
Actually, Chris, you might be protecting yourself but endangering others.
The appearance of the highly transmissible omicron variant has highlighted a phenomenon among the vaccinated: asymptomatic cases of COVID-19.
This is an extremely dangerous situation!
At least unvaccinated people generally have the decency to come down with symptoms, alerting themselves and those around them that they may be carrying WuFlu.
Meanwhile, the filthy vaxxed pass blithely among us, unconcerned that they could be walking Petri dishes. This is an even more terrifying situation when taken in combination with what we’ve known for quite some time: vaccinated people are every bit as able to transmit COVID-19 as are unvaccinated people. --->READ MORE HERE
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Who Could Have Seen This Coming? Hospitals That Laid Off Unvaccinated Staff Now 'Overwhelmed'
As has long been predicted, the dreaded fall COVID-19 surge is upon us. People are spending more time indoors, vaccine protection is wearing off, and there’s a new variant in town. All the elements are in place for a fresh wave of misery for our overworked Healthcare Heroes.
One would think that the people who run our challenged hospital systems would try very hard not to make the situation worse, but one would be wrong.
In a rush to be one of the cool kids, some medical systems got out in front of the Biden vaccine mandate for healthcare workers, demanding their staff come into 100% compliance with vaccine mandates or lose their jobs. Others waited until the last minute to let the workers go, even though the Biden mandate had been blocked by then. But in significant numbers, the affected medical professionals — actual, trained, sciency nurses, doctors, and others — decided they’d rather lose their jobs than take the controversial, novel vaccine. And so, in their infinite wisdom, the hospital administrators showed these employees the door, with utterly predicable results.
ABC News reports: --->READ MORE HERE
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