Friday, December 10, 2021

D.C. Lobbies: Cut Inflation by Importing Cheaper Workers; Democrats: Let’s Curb Inflation by Using Migrants to Cut American Wages

D.C. Lobbies: Cut Inflation by Importing Cheaper Workers:
Congress can and should import more wage-cutting migrants to reduce President Joe Biden’s rising inflation, say progressives and business advocates.
“One of the driving forces behind inflation is the shortage of workers … And yet immigration has fallen sharply in recent years amid the pandemic and tougher immigration policies during the Trump administration,” said a CNN report. “Comprehensive immigration reform, which Biden could forcefully advocate for, would help ease the shortage of workers and thus the inflationary pressures, economists say.”
Inflation is being fueled by labor shortages, wrote Katherine Rampell, a Washington Post columnist. “There’s one underappreciated factor contributing to labor shortfalls that the Biden administration could alleviate almost immediately: the “missing” immigrant workers.”
The economic logic is correct; More immigration will flood the labor market, so shrinking wages, so reducing the cost of many items, including food and services.
But the vast majority of the benefits would go to wealthy investors and employers — not to the ordinary Americans who might be able to get slightly cheaper groceries as they watch their wages shrink in value.
“The larger crisis in the U.S. labor market is [not a lack of immigrants, but]… the dramatic decline in work among working-age people for the last 50 years,” said Steve Camarota, research director at the Center for Immigration Studies. “If you look at prime-age men, from the time I was born in 1964 to the present, you have basically an uninterrupted 60-year decline” in the share of men who are working, he said. --->READ MORE HERE
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Democrats: Let’s Curb Inflation by Using Migrants to Cut American Wages:
Democrats are openly arguing that more wage-cutting migrants should be imported to shrink the inflation that is threatening President Joe Biden’s political future.
The pro-migration website reported the migrants-reduce-inflation claims on December 2:
Rep. Jimmy Gomez (D-CA) understands inflation at the immigrant community level. The three-term Congressman from Los Angeles has a diverse immigrant constituency from Koreatown to Eagle Rock, Boyle Heights to Downtown.

“If you have more people that are allowed to work in this country, then there’s gonna be less of a tight labor market,” said Gomez on Thursday, echoing Warren.
The Democrats’ top advocate for amnesty and migration, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL), also backed the argument, according to Bloomberg: “Asked if immigration parole proposal in [the pending Build Back Better bill] would decrease inflation, Durbin says ‘Oh most certainly … If there are more workers filling those jobs, it’s deflationary.'”
“Not enough people are seeking jobs. … As a consequence, that drives up the cost of doing business and the cost to the consumers. If there are more workers doing their jobs, it’s deflationary,” Durbin said, according to --->READ MORE HERE
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