Tuesday, December 28, 2021

FrontPage Magazine's Man of the Year - Kyle Rittenhouse: Kyle Reminds Us That Any American Can Stand Up to Evil. And Win.

In the dying days of August, radical racist mobs converged on Kenosha to loot and burn. The damage inflicted on the Wisconsin city by the Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters was estimated at $50 million, but a number with lots of zeros behind it can’t even begin to capture the shattered dreams of small business owners and the trauma inflicted on the people there.
A year later the damage still lingers. The Black Lives Matter rioters claimed that they were acting in the name of racial justice, but some of the worst damage was inflicted on businesses in the Uptown neighborhood where many of the city's minorities live and where the destructive fires set by the rioters, committing literal and metaphorical arson, burned out of control.
A recent story describes how even now "much of the main commercial corridor is still boarded up or crumbling, the brick walls of empty businesses streaked with soot. Inside the shells of buildings that burned, debris is slowly rotting, the smell of mold wafting onto the sidewalk."
After all this time it’s still impossible to speak honestly about the riots that destroyed so much. Even the term itself is off limits with the media and tech gatekeepers insisting on “unrest” to avoid the “negative connotations” associated with calling a race riot by its proper name.
Democrats, their media, and the nation’s biggest corporations put their weight behind the riots. Within a few months, Black Lives Matter, a Marxist racial supremacist movement, had become the national dogma. Reporters stood with a background of burning buildings in Kenosha and would insist on camera, as CNN did, that the protests behind the fires were “mostly peaceful”.
In the face of all that, a 17-year-old headed to Kenosha. The police were overwhelmed or too afraid of the political consequences to do their jobs. It fell to men and young boys like Kyle armed with guns and bats to hold the line and keep the people of Kenosha safe from the riots.
America was at war and the soldiers on the front line were hastily mobilized volunteers fighting for the people who had been abandoned and left behind urban enemy lines by an elite that married its belief in social justice with a contempt for the working class people of Kenosha.
It could have been any of them, veterans of foreign wars or teenage boys keeping watch on the darkness, who found themselves in Kyle’s place, confronted by violent leftist thugs, cut off, hounded, assaulted, and forced to fight for their lives, but it’s always that way in history.
Someone is forced to take a stand in a street somewhere and a moment in history is born. --->READ MORE HERE
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