Friday, December 24, 2021

BELIEVE THIS WHEN YOU SEE IT and DON'T HOLD YOUR BREATH: DHS to Plug ‘gaps’ Biden Left in Trump’s Border Wall; Biden Admin to Fill in Wall Gaps and Clean Up border in Three States

AP Photo/Julio Cortez
DHS to plug gaps Biden left in Trump’s border wall:
The Department of Homeland Security announced Monday that it will restart the construction of President Trump’s border wall, moving to plug “gaps” left in place after President Biden ordered all work to stop on his first day in office.
The department said it will fix gates and build out the access roads that Border Patrol agents use to respond to incursions, moving to stiffen physical defenses as the surge of illegal border crossings from Mexico continues at a record pace.
Homeland Security said Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas gave the OK for the construction, which will touch on spots along the border from Del Rio, Texas, to San Diego.
He characterized the work as a matter of safety and environmental upgrades. Others said it will help reduce the incentive to attempt the trip north.
“Today’s announcement of increased border wall infrastructure and gates are a step in the right direction,” said Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio, the top Republican on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.
He said the administration must close “all the gaps” and finish installing the technology that was supposed to be part of the wall system but was halted by the Biden team. --->READ MORE HERE
Biden administration to fill in wall gaps and clean up border in three states:
The Biden administration has given border officials the green light to fill in some of the gaps in unfinished Trump-era wall projects, as well as resolving environmental issues and cleaning up remaining construction sites nearly a year after activity was halted.
Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas announced Monday afternoon that he had granted U.S. Customs and Border Protection permission to move forward with projects in Arizona, California, and Texas. The new sign-offs are in addition to several that were announced in June and July to address “urgent life, safety, environmental, or other remediation required to protect border communities.”
The new construction activity will include closing small gaps of the border wall and gates that allow vehicles through, finishing or installing drainage systems, finishing or installing permanent erosion control and slope stabilization measures, completing access roads that Border Patrol agents use to drive along the border, remediating areas that were used to hold construction materials, and throwing away materials that are no longer needed.
Projects are slated for San Diego and El Centro in California, Yuma and Tucson in Arizona, and El Paso and Del Rio in Texas. Unused funding from the billions made available for the 700 miles of total wall construction during the Trump administration will go toward these new undertakings, though the DHS did not specify a dollar amount. The majority of incomplete projects are in southeastern Arizona. --->READ MORE HERE
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