Friday, November 5, 2021

Watch: Biden Embarrasses U.S. on World Stage, Admits He Has No Clue What's Happening in His Administration

It’s been one of the biggest diplomatic gaffes of the nascent administration of President Joe Biden. And according to Biden himself, he didn’t even know it was happening.
And mind you, we’re not talking a mistake of omission — like neglecting to send congratulations to Germany’s likely new chancellor, Olaf Scholz, because Biden forgot Deutschland was having an election. (Stupid Apple calendar — making you manually add an alert to “German general election” to get reminded.)
This was a sin of commission, instead: During a joint media briefing with French President Emmanuel Macron in Rome on Friday, Biden admitted the way the United States went about the AUKUS submarine deal — in which the U.S. and the United Kingdom reached an agreement to supply Australia with nuclear submarines, thus canceling a deal Australia had to buy diesel submarines from France and doing it behind France’s back — was “clumsy.” This was in part, the president said, because he “was under the impression certain things had happened that hadn’t happened.”
Let me reiterate: The president of the United States of America, the guy in the buck-stops-here seat in the White House who has been talking ceaselessly about how “America is back at the table” geopolitically, is either admitting or falsely claiming that he didn’t know about aspects of a submarine deal that caused America’s oldest ally to recall its ambassador.
Reuters noted that during the event, Biden and Macron “shared warm words, and friendly body language.” The rapport and bonhomie led one reporter to ask if the relationship between the White House and the Fifth Republic had been repaired.
“You’re asking me?” Biden said. When it came out that, yes, indeed, they were, Biden didn’t answer the question but conceded or feigned a good deal of ignorance.
“Well, the answer is: I think what happened was — to use an English phrase, what we did was ‘clumsy.’ It was not done with a lot of grace. I was under the impression certain things had happened that hadn’t happened,” Biden said, according to a White House transcript.
“And — but I want to make it clear: France is an extremely, extremely valued partner — extremely — and a power in and of itself. And so, I don’t know any reason that — we have the same values.”
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