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Parents Go to War – and Court – Over COVID Vaccine for Kids; Report: FDA Delays Moderna Vaccine for Teens Until Heart Condition Studied, and other C-Virus related stories

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Parents go to war – and court – over COVID vaccine for kids:
Shuli, a 15-year-old New Yorker, had a dilemma on his hands when the COVID-19 vaccine was approved for his age group.
“Mom is very much pro vaccine; my dad is very anti-vax,” the high school freshman, who asked to withhold his last name for privacy, told The Post. “He kept telling me, ‘Don’t get the shot.'”
So when his mom, Elisheva, who has full custody, gave him the freedom to choose whether or not to get the jab, Shuli opted for the shot before school started. “My school is really cool about it,” Shuli said. “You can’t play sports or do extracurriculars [if unvaccinated], but everyone I know is vaccinated. They have vaccine clinics in the school and health care workers who will come talk to you if you’re afraid of getting vaxed.”
But since straying from his dad’s advice, Shuli has gotten the cold shoulder. “He’s still furious with me,” said the Upper East Sider. “It’s a permanent rupture — I don’t think our relationship can be repaired after this.”
Despite the family fallout, Shuli said getting vaccinated was the right choice. “I get to have a social life and interact with people, go to movies and restaurants — as well as keeping other people safe and no one catching the virus because of me. I’d say that’s worth it.” --->READ MORE HERE
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FDA delays Moderna vaccine for teens until heart condition studied: report
The Food and Drug Administration is delaying its approval of Moderna Inc.’s COVID-19 vaccine for teens to study whether the shot could increase the risk of a rare inflammatory heart condition, The Wall Street Journal reported.
The delay follows moves by Sweden and three other Nordic countries to limit or suspend using the Moderna jabs for people under 30, over concerns about the risks of myocarditis for younger men.
Researchers have found a link between rare cases of the heart condition in children and the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, both of which use a relatively new technology called mRNA.
The Journal said the FDA is taking another look at data on the risk of myocarditis among younger men, and is comparing the results for those who took Moderna’s vaccine, and those who got a Pfizer shot. So far, the regulators haven’t determined if either of the vaccines elevates the risk. --->READ MORE HERE
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