Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Democrats’ Spending Bills Cut ICE, Border Security, and Border Wall, Pump Money into Environment and Abortion; Republicans Plan Roundtable to Attack 'welfare expansion' in Spending Bill

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Democrats’ spending bills cut ICE and border wall, pump money into environment and abortion:
Senate Democrats unveiled nine spending bills Monday that would surge domestic spending, pumping money into environmental protections and eliminating guardrails against taxpayer money for abortions.
The spending bills also would rescind nearly $2 billion in money Congress previously allocated toward building the border wall.
The Homeland Security bill, one of the nine, also trims detention capacity for illegal immigrants in ICE custody by 5,500 beds and cuts off funding for the three family detention centers altogether, and pushes for more migrants to be caught and released.
On abortion, the package deletes the longstanding “Hyde Amendment” compromise that limited taxpayer funding for abortions, and it expands the ability of federal money to go to organizations that perform abortions.
Non-defense spending is getting a 13% increase overall, with Democrats putting particular emphasis on the environment and education programs. Defense spending is getting a 5% increase. --->READ MORE HERE
Republicans plan roundtable to attack 'welfare expansion' in spending bill:
House Republicans, who unanimously oppose a plan by Democrats to jam through a massive social welfare package , will launch their own campaign next week condemning the legislation as “welfare expansion.”
Republicans on the Ways and Means Committee plan a roundtable forum on Wednesday highlighting ways in which the GOP believes the plan will damage the economy, create government dependency, and kill jobs.
“The meeting will focus on the massive welfare state expansion included in Democrats’ Build Back Better reconciliation bill and how policies that foster government dependency ultimately fail our most vulnerable families and children,” committee Republicans announced Friday.
Republicans in the House are relegated to the minority and have no power to stop Democrats from passing the measure over their objections.
But Democrats are struggling internally to come up with a top-line cost and policy language that can win over their own centrists. The GOP roundtable attacking the package will take place as Democrats reconvene to try to hash out a deal by an Oct. 31 deadline. --->READ MORE HERE
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