Monday, October 25, 2021

New MASSIVE and Organized Migrant Caravan Moves Through Mexico on its Way to the US Border; Mexico Migrant Caravan Pushes Past Police as Group Heads North; Caravan Begins Journey to U.S. from Mexico

New MASSIVE and organized migrant caravan moves through Mexico on its way to the US border:
A new wave of possibly more than 60,000 migrants has left the city of Tapachula in southeastern Mexico on Thursday. The migrants are reportedly on their way to Mexico City, and then to the northern border.
As the above video shows, Mexican authorities made an attempt to stop them with agents in riot gear. However, they were severely outnumbered by the migrants, and didn't stand a chance. The Mexican police line broke within seconds, and the migrants streamed through largely unopposed after that.
Towards the end of the video, triumphant migrants can be heard chanting together "Si, se pudo!", which translates to "Yes, we could!" in English.
Despite surface appearances, the groups are very well organized. According to Fox News, "The caravan is not merely a group of migrants congregating together, organizers made migrants who wished to participate in the caravan to register with a QR code on their phones or a web link to participate." --->READ MORE HERE
Photographer: Damian Sanchez/AFP/Getty Images
Mexico Migrant Caravan Pushes Past Police as Group Heads North: 
  •  Thousands began marching near Tapachula in Chiapas state 
  • Caravan comes after record detentions at US border last year
A caravan of migrants pushed past Mexican security forces near the city of Tapachula in Southern Chiapas state on Saturday, as the group continued its route north toward the country’s capital.
The group of several thousand people, including women and children, pushed past national guard clad in riot gear that had attempted to block the group’s passage, footage from local news outlets showed.
While some migrants could be seen carrying banners addressing U.S. President Joe Biden’s immigration policies, one caravan organizer said some of the migrants were marching because of lack of resources and opportunities Mexico has provided for immigrants, video posted on Twitter showed. --->READ MORE HERE
Adrees Latif/Reuters
Massive Migrant Caravan Begins Journey to U.S. from Mexico:
Barely a month after over ten thousand Haitian migrants flooded Del Rio, Texas, overwhelming border personnel, a large migrant caravan has set off from from Mexico and begun its journey to the U.S, where many are expected to seek entry and settlement.
Carrying banners, a huge procession of migrants was seen marching from Tapachula, Mexico, using a rope to stay together so “no one falls behind” as the caravan embarks North, journalist Ali Bradley reported. Some of the signs had President Biden’s name written on them, Fox News reported.
Many migrants reportedly told Bradley that they are leaving Central America for the U.S. to pursue “the American Dream.”
According to video footage, the crowd got into a scuffle with Mexico’s immigration police, Instituto Nacional de Migración, on its route, with officers forming a barricade to prevent migrants from passing through. --->READ MORE HERE
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