Thursday, October 14, 2021

A supply Chain Bottleneck; Supply Chain Is One More Example of Biden Failing at Basics of Governing; He's Unable to Meet ‘Major Challenges’ on Clogged Ports and Snarled Supply Chains; Biden on Wednesday Praised his Port Czar for doing a “heck of job”, and related stories

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A supply chain bottleneck:
Biden administration buries its head in the sand, lies about inflation concerns
Nearly half a million shipping containers packed with toys, holiday decorations, appliances, and furniture are stuck off the coast of Southern California, waiting to be offloaded.
Warehouses are filling up, lacking space for the goods, as truckers are in short supply and cannot transport the items at the speed needed to ease the backlog. About 98% of warehouses in Southern California’s logistics-heavy Inland Empire region are fully occupied, while the entire Western U.S. has a 3.6% vacancy rate, according to the Wall Street Journal.
Freight volumes are crushing the Union Pacific railroad, with cargo containers pilling up in its intermodal rail yard in Joliet, Illinois. This summer, nearly 8,000 containers – roughly double the amount last year – clogged up its rail yards, making it tough to navigate and offload. At one point, trains trying to get to the station were backed up for 25 miles, the Washington Post reported. In July, the railroad decided to halt all trains arriving from the West Coast to clean up its operation. --->READ MORE HERE
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Nolte: Supply Chain Is One More Example of Biden Failing at Basics of Governing:
Planes aren’t flying, inflation’s surging, Americans are being held hostage in Afghanistan, the China Flu continues to rage, and now this incompetent moron we call His Fraudulency Joe Biden has bungled the basics of keeping our supply chain moving.
Biden’s trillion-dollar spending sprees, which were not necessary, have resulted in record inflation and price spikes, especially concerning the basics of life in energy and food prices. And yet, he’s still threatening to make things worse by pushing another $3.5 trillion federal boondoggle.
Biden spent much of his presidential campaign warning people not to trust Trump’s coronavirus vaccine. Then, after he allegedly won the election, he had to sell the very thing he’d trashed, and now here we are still living with the pandemic because people don’t trust the vaccine. Gee, I wonder why?
Biden has not only undermined confidence in the vaccine in every way imaginable, but his push for fascist mandates has also resulted in massive flight delays. If you want to talk about failing at the basics of governing, millions of Americans are now unable to go where they want to go. --->READ MORE HERE
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