Thursday, September 9, 2021

The NY Post Goes On Patrol With Feds To Witness Biden’s Border Crisis First Hand

Joel Angel Juarez for NY Post
The Post goes on patrol with feds to witness Biden’s border crisis first hand:
The plastic rosary was already falling apart, its white beads spilling onto the wet ground when the young woman was picked up by Border Patrol agents in predawn darkness.
The migrant from Guatemala, who had just run across patches of scrubland between Mexico and the US, refused to give her name. She was handed a plastic bag to stow her few belongings — hoop earrings, a creased card with an image of the Virgin Mary. She was told to remove the laces from her mud-caked sneakers. Laces and belts can be used as weapons, or to commit suicide, and Border Patrol agents demand they be removed as soon as people are caught.
Asked if she had traveled by herself to the border, the slight young woman who appeared to be in her 20s replied boldly: “I am not alone. God is with me.”
But she was actually among dozens of migrants apprehended that morning — as The Post accompanied a group of Border Patrol agents during a raid Wednesday along the New Mexico and Texas lines near El Paso. The area is one of the busiest crossing points for migrants along the nearly 2,000-mile southern border with Mexico. Migrants in the area cross a mountain range, desert and scrubland to reach the US
Joel Angel Juarez for NY Post
Since the Biden administration eased restrictions at the border earlier this year, federal agents have seen a surge of illegal immigrants attempting to cross, with dramatic increases in single adults, unaccompanied children and members of “transnational criminal organizations.”
Shortly after President Biden took office in 2021, he rolled back strict immigration policies instituted by his predecessor, including a “remain in Mexico” mandate which resulted in thousands of non-Mexican migrants waiting in Mexico for immigration hearings in the US. Thousands of migrants poured across the border in the early days of the Biden administration, spurred by promises made by smugglers that they would be more welcome under the new regime, immigration experts said.
In March Biden put Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of the border crisis, and delivered the belated message: “Don’t come over.” After a brief visit to Guatemala to discuss “root causes” and an even shorter stop at the border in June, Harris has barely talked about it — and nothing has changed. Crossings are still as high as ever.
It’s the crisis that Biden is either ignoring — or doesn’t care that it’s happening. Agents working in the El Paso Sector have so far detained 155,892 people in fiscal year 2021, which ends on Sept. 30 — almost triple the 54,396 in all of FY 2020. --->READ MORE HERE
Joel Angel Juarez for NY Post
Border Patrol Using Wild Mustangs to Patrol Border with Mexico:
Whiskey had a busy morning roaming the rugged hills that surround one of the busiest migrant crossings on the southern border.
The 8-year-old quarter horse and his Border Patrol rider helped round up some 30 migrants who had tried to hide in the scrub in the border badlands before dawn on Wednesday.
Whiskey is one of 334 horses patrolling the border with Mexico, able to reach remote areas where there are no roads and no access for even four-wheel-drive or all-terrain vehicles.
“Working this whole area and climbing up Cristo Rey on horseback is so much easier,” said Whiskey’s Border Patrol rider, who did not want to be identified. He said that he had been working with Whiskey for the last six months.
Joel Angel Juarez for NY Post
“He has good and bad days, but he can sense things, and sometimes he wants to test me,” he said. “He knows when I am nervous, and he can see things before I do.”
Although horses were first deployed at the founding of the Border Patrol in 1924, they returned to the force in greater numbers in 1986 when agents realized that they could access the most difficult-to-reach crevices and canyons on horseback.
The animals used in the Horse Patrol are adopted under a program co-sponsored by the federal Bureau of Land Management, which captures wild mustangs and sends them to prisons in the southwest to be trained by inmates. Other horses are adopted after they have been seized by agents in drug busts. Mexican drug traffickers have used horses to transport drugs over rocky terrain into the U.S., Border Patrol agents told The Post. --->READ MORE HERE
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