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Biden: Lies, Double-Talk, Idiotic Nonsense; Lying Joe Biden, From Comedy to Tragedy

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Biden: Lies, double-talk, idiotic nonsense
Tries to take credit for private Afghanistan rescues, as his administration idles
Lies. Double-talk. Word salads. Idiotic nonsense. This is how the Biden administration has chosen to communicate with the American people and the world about the continuing unspeakable atrocity of how President Joe Biden and his team of fools withdrew from Afghanistan.
Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, the slow-motion Biden train wreck allegedly impeded the civilian efforts to evacuate Americans and those who helped us. The State Department is even attempting to falsely take credit for the work of a successful private rescue of four Americans.
Reminding us of the strange and deadly choices our own government is making in the aftermath of handing Afghanistan over to a terrorist group is the allegation that planes arranged to take Americans and our interpreters and other special helpers has been stopped by our own State Department.
According to Fox News, David Rohde the executive editor at told MSNBC that it is our own government causing problems with ongoing efforts to save Americans and so many others who should have been at the front of the list to escape. “I want to repeat that,” he said. “It is the State Department and the White House” holding up the planes. He said the civilian effort has been “far more ambitious, far more dynamic and far more successful than what the administration has been doing,” telling the network it was the staff of Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal who revealed this to him. --->READ MORE HERE
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Lying Joe Biden, from comedy to tragedy:
How could a comic figure from the world of politics such as President Joe Biden suddenly become such a tragic figure on the American scene? One minute he is bringing all civilized observers to laughter by saying to Katie Couric that President Franklin Roosevelt dealt with the 1929 stock market crash by getting “on television” and reassuring his fellow Americans as only FDR could do. (For the woke folks in my audience Franklin Roosevelt was not the president of the United States in 1929, and the television had yet to be popularized. Go ahead, look it up.) So, one minute Joe cracks us up with his nonsensical statement about President Roosevelt. In the next minute, he is betraying an entire country, Afghanistan, and leaving its people tyrannized by ragamuffins. What is more, he has lied to his fellow Americans repeatedly, obdurately, blatantly.
Joe has been living on a multiplicity of lies for years. His fortune has been composed by lies—how can a fifty-year creature living at the public trough become a millionaire? He has lied as a politician from his first day in politics. He has even been caught plagiarizing from John Kennedy, from Bob Kennedy, and, of course, from Neil Kinnock, who was at the time leading the British Labour Party. Joe’s son, Hunter, has also been an active liar for years, a fraudster, a cheat, and now most flagrantly, he hopes to get by with his deceits because he has said the Big Guy is watching out for him. The Big Guy is, of course, Papa Joe. Well, we shall see. But Joe, you can lie to the American people, and you can lie to the media. You can even lie to your priest, but you cannot lie to the ragamuffins who just beat you and walked away with enough military equipment to arm a small army. Moreover, you cannot lie to the clock. The clock says you have three and a half years remaining in office. That is three and a half more years to screw things up even bigger than you have screwed things up in the past six months.
President James Buchanan is redeemed! He is no longer the worst president in American history. (Oh, for the woke folk who are still in my audience, James Buchanan is commonly held by historians to be America’s worst president. Even worse than Jimmy Carter.) By the way, if you can find a statue of Buchanan somewhere, I will bet it is not decapitated. The woke have disfigured Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, but they will lay off of Buchanan. He was their kind of guy. --->READ MORE HERE
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