Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Team Biden Empowering the Taliban; Biden Has Made the World’s Deadliest Terrorists Great Again, and related stories

AP Photo/Mohammad Asif Khan
Team Biden empowering the Taliban:
It’s brilliant but diabolical: infect a vulnerable host, gain control over its functions, then, practically overnight, claim complete conquest. The coronavirus spreads in this fashion, but it’s also the modus operandi of the Taliban in its successful takeover of Afghanistan. As unwise as it may appear, a critical element to the regime’s success has been the White House’s role in empowering an adversary, and, sadly, it has happened before.
During the weeks since the last U.S. forces jetted away from Kabul’s international airport, President Biden has defended the abrupt end to 20 years of involvement in the remote land as a painful one necessitated by a Trump-era withdrawal deal. However, he has not offered a remotely rational explanation for why he left behind enough expensive and sophisticated military material to equip a modern army.
Thousands of armored humvees and trucks, hundreds of fixed-wing and rotor aircraft, and hundreds of thousands of firearms are now the property of the Taliban, the benefactors of the very terrorists who killed 3,000 innocents on 9/11. Americans who risked their lives overseas to crush the perpetrators now helplessly watch TV images of the enemy decked out in U.S. military uniforms riding high on U.S. vehicles while subduing forlorn fellow Afghans. If departing U.S. troops had no means of shipping their equipment home, they could have destroyed it instead. But they didn’t. --->READ MORE HERE
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Biden as made the world’s deadliest terrorists great again:
On the day the United States marked two decades since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Taliban triumphantly hoisted their flag over the Afghan presidential palace and launched their new regime in a brief ceremony. The unprecedented 9/11 attacks prompted the U.S. not only to invade landlocked, strategically located Afghanistan but also to launch a global war on terror. But now, the U.S. has come full circle by handing Afghanistan to the same terrorists responsible for 9/11.
President Joe Biden’s historic blunder in facilitating the terrorist takeover of Afghanistan has highlighted how the U.S.-led war on terror has gone astray. Over the past 20 years, the scourge of international terrorism has spread deeper and wider in the world.
Mr. Biden has earned his place in history by making the world’s deadliest terrorists — the Pakistan-reared Taliban, who killed more than 2,000 American soldiers since 2001 — great again. Historians will be flummoxed that the U.S. expended considerable blood and treasure in a protracted war to ultimately help its enemy ride triumphantly back to power.
The humiliating rout of the world’s mightiest power represents the greatest victory of violent Islamists in the modern history of jihadism, with the Taliban calling it “the most joyful day of our existence.” The triumph over the “Great Satan” is certain to inspire other Islamist and terrorist groups worldwide. --->READ MORE HERE
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