Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Haitians on Texas Border Undeterred by US Plan to Expel Them; Border Crisis Continues Despite Deportation Flights; Biden’s Confused Immigration Strategy Is ‘We Welcome You’ and ‘No, Don’t Come’, and related stories

AP Photo/Eric Gay
Haitians on Texas border undeterred by US plan to expel them:
Haitian migrants seeking to escape poverty, hunger and a feeling of hopelessness in their home country said they will not be deterred by U.S. plans to speedily send them back, as thousands of people remained encamped on the Texas border Saturday after crossing from Mexico.
Scores of people waded back and forth across the Rio Grande on Saturday afternoon, re-entering Mexico to purchase water, food and diapers in Ciudad Acuña before returning to the Texas encampment under and near a bridge in the border city of Del Rio.
Junior Jean, a 32-year-old man from Haiti, watched as people cautiously carried cases of water or bags of food through the knee-high river water. Jean said he lived on the streets in Chile the past four years, resigned to searching for food in garbage cans.
“We are all looking for a better life,” he said. --->READ MORE HERE
REUTERS/Adrees Latif
Border crisis continues despite deportation flights:
Migrants continued to cross the US-Mexico border on Sunday, even as the first deportation flights carried away hundreds of Haitians who had been living under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas.
More than 14,000 Haitians have been camping out in squalid conditions under Del Rio International Bridge since last week waiting to be arrested, leading the Biden administration to close an entry point, deploy more Border Patrol agents and scramble deportation flights.
At the border about a dozen Texas Department of Public Safety vehicles lined up near the bridge, which forced the migrants to wade through deeper water in search of other ways to cross the Rio Grande into Texas.
Border Patrol agents set off on horseback for 1.5 miles from the original crossing to find several hundred Haitian immigrants still crossing the river into the US, who were ordered to the Del Rio camp. --->READ MORE HERE

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