Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Team Biden Clueless on China; Something Strange Is Happening at the Commerce Department — and Across the Biden Administration; Cotton: Biden’s U.N. Speech a ‘Kick Me’ Sign on America, Said He Didn’t Want Cold War with China That China Is Already Waging, and related stories

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Team Biden clueless on China
No strategy has been defined as the CCP makes military and technological gains
President Biden has identified China as the preeminent international challenge facing the United States, but his administration lacks a coherent policy.
President Xi has repeatedly stated China’s authoritarian system can better marshal resources than democracies, and it has accomplished remarkable social and economic progress.
Since 2000, China’s R&D spending has increased 16 percent annually. It is on track to exceed the United States by 2025 with the aim of matching and surpassing the West in artificial intelligence, microprocessors, computers, electric vehicles, and other critical technologies.
U.S. government support for R&D as a share of GDP has been falling for more than a decade. A bipartisan majority in the Senate recently passed a $250 billion bill to address the issue and provide $52 billion to boost semiconductor production.
The administration and House leadership are preoccupied with the bipartisan infrastructure bill and the $3.5 trillion American Family Plan. The Democrats’ new taxes are not likely to raise the necessary funds for new entitlements like expanded Medicare, universal pre-K education, and free community college. --->READ MORE HERE
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Something Strange Is Happening at the Commerce Department — and across the Biden Administration:
Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo told the Wall Street Journal that she sees one of her responsibilities as promoting U.S. business engagement with China. “I actually think robust commercial engagement will help to mitigate any potential tensions,” she said in an interview published this morning.
That’s troubling for a number of reasons.
First, the Biden administration seems to be accommodating Beijing on a number of fronts. Raimondo’s comments on boosting U.S. business engagement with Chinese firms come as the Biden administration reportedly nears a deal with Huawei to drop U.S. charges against the company’s CFO, whose extradition from Canada the Trump administration sought over sanctions-evasion charges.
In a few short years, Commerce has become key to executing U.S. efforts to combat Chinese technological threats. This is mainly because Raimondo presides over an export-control blacklist, called the entity list, that prohibits Americans from transacting with designated Chinese companies, thus isolating them from benefitting from U.S. technology.
The most prominent example of a listed firm is Huawei, which since the start of Trump-era efforts to push back against the company’s global advances has seen cratering revenue — in fact, today, the company’s chairman announced that its smartphone business will generate $30-40 billion less than it would have in the absence of U.S. sanctions. --->READ MORE HERE
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