Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Operation Lone Star: Texas Calls for Volunteers to Hold the Line at Southern Border; Texas Military Department Asking Members to Volunteer in Light of Border Crisis

Operation Lone Star: Texas Calls for Volunteers to Hold the Line at Southern Border:
With the recent flood of Haitian illegal immigrants a constant reminder of the precarious nature of border safety in Joe Biden’s America, Texas is calling for volunteers to help secure its border.
Officials of the Texas Military Department and the Texas Department of Public Safety have issued a call for National Guard members to volunteer to protect Texas through Operation Lone Star, a state-funded effort launched this spring by Gov. Greg Abbott to pick up the slack when federal officials allowed the border to become a sieve.
“We are still looking for Texas Guardsmen to support Operation Lone Star. Please help us stop human trafficking, smuggling, and illegal border crossings while we are #securingtexas Lodging and per diem included,” the department wrote in a Twitter post last week.
“Texas continues to work diligently to secure our southern border under the leadership of Governor Abbott,” DPS Director Steven McCraw said, according to a news release posted on the department’s website. --->READ MORE HERE
Texas Military Department
Texas Military Department asking members to volunteer in light of border crisis:
In a social media post Thursday, the Texas Military Department asked its members to sign up and help support Operation Lone Star amid the “unprecedented” migrant crisis along Texas-Mexico border.
The Texas Army National Guard has new full-time positions “that offer an array of benefits, including lodging and per diem.”
“Volunteers must be medically and administratively deployable and members of the Texas Military Department,” the department’s website states...
...If you are interested in becoming a volunteer click here. --->READ MORE HERE
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