Monday, September 13, 2021

Members Of Congress, Staff Exempt From Biden Vaccine Mandate; Biden’s Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandate, and other C-Virus related stories

Members Of Congress, Staff Exempt From Biden Vaccine Mandate:
Members of Congress, their staff, and federal court system employees are exempt from the Biden administration's new vaccine mandates, according to Newsweek
On Thursday, Biden issued two executive orders mandating that federal workers, federal contractors, and workers for companies with more than 100 employees take the Covid-19 jab or face unemployment and fines.
While Biden's order applies to employees of the executive branch, the House and Senate are part of the separate legislative branch, and of course the courts are part of the judicial branch - so the new orders don't apply.
"Building on the President's announcement in July to strengthen safety requirements for unvaccinated federal workers, the President has signed an Executive Order to take those actions a step further and require all federal executive branch workers to be vaccinated," reads Biden's COVID 'action plan' titled "Path Out of the Pandemic." --->READ MORE HERE
Jonathan Ernst/Reuters
Biden’s Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandate:
I agree with our excellent editorial on Biden’s illegal vaccine mandate. I wish only to reassert an additional, fundamental constitutional objection — the same one I posited, as did Charlie, in connection with Biden’s illegal eviction moratorium. It is unconstitutional.
There is no general federal health-care power. The constitutional exhortation for Congress to “provide for . . . the general Welfare of the United States” (art. I, sec. 8) is not an open-ended authorization. Ours is a federalist system, the states presumptively govern their internal affairs, and Congress’s power to provide for the general welfare is cabined by its enumerated powers.
The relevant one here is the power to regulate interstate commerce. Indeed, the government presumes to regulate medical care, extensively but only indirectly, by regulating health insurance. That this is an interstate market cannot be denied, even if the government’s regulatory targeting of it is largely pretextual – i.e., progressives are more interested in dictating (and eventually rationing) medical treatment than in the insurance market.
Even under the unjustifiably wide berth the Supreme Court has given Congress’s pretextual invocations of commerce power, especially since the New Deal, the justices nevertheless declined in the 2012 Obamacare ruling to approve a mandate to buy medical insurance. That is because the Constitution only permits Congress to regulate ongoing interstate commerce, not to coerce people into engaging in such commerce. --->READ MORE HERE
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