Thursday, August 19, 2021

TRUMP NEWS: ‘Lamb being led to slaughter’: Trump Slams Biden’s Afghanistan Withdrawal; Calls Collapse ‘most humiliating’ Moment for US; Rep. Reschenthaler Blasts Biden’s ‘Epic Failure’: Taliban Feared Trump, Not Biden, and 6 other Trump related stories

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‘Lamb being led to slaughter’: Trump slams Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal:
Former President Donald Trump slammed the Biden administration’s bungling of the Afghanistan evacuation as a “lamb being led to slaughter” because US troops were withdrawn from the country first, leaving American citizens at the mercy of the Taliban.
“You had to get the people out of there. Can you imagine having your military go home and leaving all those people. That’s called the lamb being led to slaughter,” Trump said Wednesday on Fox Business.
“So your military goes home, and they forgot to let those divisions out, they forgot to protect the embassy,” the former commander-in-chief said about the US military abandoning the US Embassy in Kabul as the Taliban took control of the capital city.
Trump said President Biden’s inability to evacuate the thousands of American citizens still in the country puts them at risk of being used as hostages by the Taliban. --->READ MORE HERE
Trump calls Afghanistan collapse ‘most humiliating’ moment for US:
Former President Donald Trump described the ongoing mayhem in Afghanistan as the worst humiliation in American history, while defending the agreement his administration struck with the Taliban last year.
“It’s a great thing that we’re getting out, but nobody has ever handled a withdrawal worse than Joe Biden,” the 45th president told Fox News’ “Hannity” on Tuesday. “This is the greatest embarrassment, I believe, in the history of our country.”
Trump sat down for his first interview since the Taliban marched into Kabul Sunday, climaxing a 96-hour conquest that saw Afghanistan’s major cities and provincial capitals fall with little resistance. While he was full of criticism for the Biden administration, Trump also at times echoed his successor’s address to the nation Monday, which cast blame on Afghan military and political leaders for their battlefield collapse and the resulting scenes of chaos.
“I knew they [Afghan security forces] weren’t going to fight … I said, ‘Why are they fighting? Why are these Afghan soldiers fighting against the Taliban?’” Trump recounted to host Sean Hannity. “And I was told some very bad information by a lot of different people. --->READ MORE HERE
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