Thursday, August 19, 2021

Afghanistan’s Fall Makes U.S. Border Security More Essential Than Ever; Pentagon Watches For ‘reconstitution of terrorist networks’ in Afghanistan; Border Patrol Chief: Suspected Terrorists Crossing U.S. Border At Levels ‘Never Seen Before’

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Afghanistan’s fall makes U.S. border security more essential than ever:
The coronavirus isn’t the only pathogen on the loose. Weakness is also contagious, and President Biden has caught it. Engrossed with the current pandemic, he has fled from the fight to defeat Islamic extremists in Afghanistan. The reappearance of the black flag of terrorism, combined with the president’s “progressive” policy of easy immigration, has set the conditions for America’s enemies to revive their assault on our homeland. The nation’s borders must be secured. Now.
Afghanistan has fallen, notwithstanding Mr. Biden’s puerile efforts to reassure Americans of its unlikelihood. Since he announced in July that he would withdraw U.S. troops from the mountainous Asian wasteland by Sept. 11, the religious extremists of the Taliban emerged from the shadows, reclaimed provincial cities, then Sunday rode unchallenged into the capital, Kabul. Flattened beneath their wheels is Mr. Biden’s credibility.
The U.S. military brass and diplomats who didn’t see this coming should have: Iraqi Army units similarly trained and armed by the U.S. capitulated in the face of a surging ISIS in 2014, refusing to fight their co-religionists without back-up from Americans. --->READ MORE HERE
Pentagon watches for ‘reconstitution of terrorist networks’ in Afghanistan:
Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s team plans to conduct a “reassessment” of whether Afghanistan will function as a haven for terrorist groups following the Taliban’s rapid conquest of Kabul.
“It’s way too early to make assessments and judgments about what the terrorism threat is going to be in Afghanistan going forward,” Pentagon press secretary John Kirby told reporters during a Monday briefing. “The secretary certainly believes that, in light of recent events, that a reassessment of the possibilities for reconstitution of terrorist networks inside Afghanistan is warranted.”
Taliban fighters have surged across the country in recent months after President Joe Biden ordered the complete withdrawal of U.S. forces and the Afghan military collapsed in the absence of American support. Biden justified that decision by observing last month that “terrorism is not emanating from that part of the world.”
But the failure of the Afghan military to fight the Taliban into a stalemate to necessitate good-faith peace talks has raised the risk terrorists driven from Iraq, Syria and elsewhere will look to Afghanistan. --->READ MORE HERE
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