Tuesday, August 10, 2021

The Left’s Fight Against Election Reforms is a Trojan Horse; Senate Democrats Pledge They Are ‘very close’ To New Solution for Voting-Rights Impasse

Illustration by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times
The left’s fight against election reforms is a Trojan Horse:
Their real goal is to end the Senate filibuster
For the past several months, we’ve seen the left fighting against election integrity reforms in the states. They reject such reforms and are trying to impose a federal takeover of elections to force changes to state laws that would facilitate — whether intentional or not — greater fraud and tampering.
But that’s not the only reason they are fighting.
They are using election reform as a Trojan Horse to get something even bigger: The death of the Senate filibuster. Once the legislative filibuster is gone, the floodgates will open for all their extremist policies — not just the federal takeover of elections, but the Green New Deal, tax hikes, and more — all of which they would be able to pass with just 50 votes if Vice President Kamala Harris casts a tie-breaking vote.
The left is pulling out all the stops to fight common-sense reforms such as requiring voter ID and ensuring campaign operatives can’t intimidate voters who use absentee ballots. From comparing reforms to segregationist Jim Crow laws to calling reformers racists, the left has baselessly accused conservatives of pushing laws that deliberately make it harder for minorities to vote while touting themselves as the new incarnation of the 1960s civil rights movement.
We’ve heard Vice President Harris compare Democrat legislators who fled Texas to avoid voting on election reforms to the Selma civil rights marchers of 1965, without, of course, mentioning that instead of facing fire hoses and police batons, they’re flying chartered jets, staying at nice hotels, and going to elite cocktail parties in Washington. Trying to play up these absurd comparisons to true heroes, the Texas legislators twice broke into spontaneous renditions of the civil rights anthem “We Shall Overcome” in front of TV cameras, except they botched that too, singing “We Will Overcome.” --->READ MORE HERE
Graeme Jennings/Pool via AP
Senate Democrats pledge they are ‘very close’ to new solution for voting-rights impasse:
Sen. Amy Klobuchar told a crowd of voting-rights activists in Washington on Tuesday that Senate Democrats are close to taking another shot at changing elections laws around the country.
“We are very close to getting a bill done where everyone in the Democratic caucus will sign on to,” Ms. Klobuchar, Minnesota Democrat, told a crowd gathered near the U.S. Capitol.
A group of about 150 Democratic state legislators from around the nation converged on the Capitol to call on the Senate to pass an election bill that would block changes in voting laws that Republican legislatures are passing around the country.
The Democratic senators, as well as the state legislators, continued to portray the state laws as racist attempts to prevent people of color from voting.
“We have got to say this loudly. These voter suppression bills are about white supremacy,” Sen. Bob Casey, Pennsylvania Democrat, told the crowd. “That’s one of the many reasons we have to stop them, or override them. The federal government cannot allow a continuation of the white supremacy that has led to so many problems for so many Americans.” --->READ MORE HERE

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