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Texas Democrats’ Embarrassing Lawsuit Against Gov. Abbott; Runaway Texas Democrats Sue Greg Abbott for Causing ‘Anxiety,’ ‘Distress,’ ‘Embarassment’, and related stories

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Texas Democrats’ Embarrassing Lawsuit Against Gov. Abbott:
Twenty-two of the Texas Democrats who fled to Washington, D.C, to prevent a quorum in the state House have filed a lawsuit in federal court against Gov. Greg Abbott
The lawsuit, which two of the twenty-two Democrats are disputing they signed onto, is embarrassingly bad.
The complaint does not include the usual section for “claims” or “causes of action,” so we have to sift through its pell-mell paragraphs to figure out just what the Texas Democrats are alleging.
First off, they allege a “scheme and conspiracy” between Abbott, Speaker of the Texas House Dade Phelan, and another Texas House member, James White, to “violate the state and federal constitutional rights of the plaintiffs and the classes of citizens they represent by denying rights under the First, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.”
The Texas Democrats allege that Abbott, Phelan, and White, all Republicans, have conspired against them on the basis of race because “certain plaintiffs are either black or white,” creed because “certain plaintiffs have expressed a faith or belief that every citizen has the right to vote,” color because “certain plaintiffs are distinguishable based upon the melanin in their skin,” and natural origin because “certain plaintiffs are descendants of persons born in other countries.” --->READ MORE HERE
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Runaway Texas Democrats Sue Greg Abbott for Causing ‘Anxiety,’ ‘Distress,’ ‘Embarassment’:
Texas House Democrats who fled to Washington, D.C., in July to avoid voting on an election reform bill filed a lawsuit against Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) and other Republican leaders on Friday, alleging the governor’s threat to arrest them upon their return to the Lone Star State is causing them “anxiety,” “distress,” and “embarrassment.”
The Texas Tribune reported:
Twenty-two Texas House Democrats sued some of the state’s top Republican leaders in federal court in Austin late Friday, alleging that GOP officials’ efforts to bring them home for a special legislative session infringed on their constitutional rights to free speech and to petition the government for redress of grievances.

The lawsuit was filed on the final day of the first special session called by Gov. Greg Abbott — and on the eve of a second specially called legislative session — and names as defendants Abbott, House Speaker Dade Phelan and State Rep. James White.
The 22 Texas House Democrats filing the lawsuit were part of a larger group of over 50 who flew to Washington, D.C., to prevent the Texas legislature from voting on an election and voting reform bill. --->READ MORE HERE
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