Friday, August 20, 2021

Rush to Approve Afghan Visas Poses Serious Risks; Top Trump Officials Warn Against Flood of Afghan Visas; 80,000 Afghans Want U.S. Green Cards, Citizenship, and related stories

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Rush to approve Afghan visas poses serious risks:
The Biden administration is rushing to build an immigration system that will decide who gets to stay in the U.S. after promising to airlift tens of thousands of Afghan citizens out of their home country.
But there were more questions than answers Tuesday. Officials were unable to say how many Afghans they thought would qualify for evacuation, how many they could airlift out of the country over the two weeks before the full withdrawal of U.S. troops and what would happen to the Afghans upon arrival to America.
Neither the Department of Homeland Security nor the State Department would say whether the Afghans would be held in custody until their cases are decided or released into communities, and neither department would say whether those who lose their cases for special visas will be deported.
It’s a serious risk.
According to the latest data from the two departments, the government denied 84% of Afghan applications for the Special Immigrant Visa that were decided during the first three months of the year. The visa is designed to help translators, guides and others who assisted the U.S. war and nation-building efforts. --->READ MORE HERE
Capt. Chris Herbert/U.S. Air Force via AP
Top Trump officials warn against flood of Afghan visas:
Two top officials from the Trump administration delivered a stark warning Tuesday over the stampede to bring in as many Afghan citizens as possible, calling that an element of “open borders policies” and saying it would repeat the mistakes President Biden is making on the U.S.-Mexico border.
Russ Vought, who was head of the White House Office of Management and Budget, and Ken Cuccinelli, the deputy Homeland Security secretary, said the country has a program aimed at helping Afghan citizens who provided substantial assistance to the U.S. war effort, such as acting as translators or guides.
But they cautioned against the current push to expand the aperture to a broader group of Afghans fleeing what’s expected to be an oppressive regime under the Taliban,
“Americans understandably want to protect the Afghans who risked their lives to fight with the United States against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda,” the two men said in a statement.
They continued: “However, we must be careful that we do not allow the attitude behind the self-destructive open border policies and enforcement failures happening on our southern border to be repeated with the importation and resettlement of tens of thousands of Afghans who we cannot properly vet, may very well pose a security risk to our communities, and may be unable or unwilling to assimilate into our country.” --->READ MORE HERE
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