Saturday, August 21, 2021

Red States Banning School Mask Mandates Face Battle With Biden; Why Forcing Unvaccinated Students To Wear Cloth Masks Is Anti-Science, and other C-Virus related stories

Red States Banning School Mask Mandates Face Battle With Biden:
Republican states banning school mask mandates may face legal action from the Biden administration, after President Biden on Wednesday ordered Education Secretary Miguel Cardona to "assess all available tools" which could be used against states preventing schools from forcing kids to mask up.
In response, the Education Department suggested using its civil rights arm to fight policies in Florida, Texas, Iowa and other GOP-led states which have implemented restrictions on mask mandates, according to the Associated Press.
"Some state governments have adopted policies and laws that interfere with the ability of schools and districts to keep our children safe during in-person learning," Biden said in an executive order, which claims that some states "have gone so far as to try to block school officials" from implementing mask mandates.
t amounts to the sharpest threat yet against states that so far have ignored admonishments from the White House during the surging pandemic. The move also injects the federal government into mounting culture wars that have turned schools into battlegrounds in a debate over masks.
In an announcement on its website, the Education Department said policies that ban mask mandates could amount to discrimination if they lead to unsafe conditions that prevent students from attending school. The agency can launch its own investigations into potential violations, and it also responds to civil rights complaints from parents and the public. -Associated Press
Last week Biden said he doesn't think he personally has the authority to override governors' prohibitions, but urged them to "at least get out of the way" of federal policy. --->READ MORE HERE
Why Forcing Unvaccinated Students To Wear Cloth Masks Is Anti-Science:
Almost 600 colleges and universities have mandated COVID-19 vaccination for students attending classes in the fall semester. Most of these schools have also mandated vaccination for faculty and staff. They all say the objective is to provide a “safe” campus environment. The University of Notre Dame, for example, stated in a recent “Policy Update” that its “highest priority” is the “health, safety, and well-being of every member of this community.”
Most of these schools make exemptions available for medical or religious reasons. Along with that group, every campus population will include those who decline to be vaccinated for other reasons. On every campus there will be a substantial number of staff, faculty, and students who are not vaccinated when classes resume. What is to become of them?
Where the unvaccinated are permitted to remain on campus at all, they will be subject to a regimen of discriminatory burdens. These protocols might include social distancing or repeated surveillance testing, sometimes at considerable cost to the student. They will surely include masking in all indoor spaces and in certain circumstances outdoors.
Currently, due to the delta variant, mask requirements for the vaccinated are fluid. Because we are now seeing more breakthrough cases among the fully vaccinated, the latest recommendation from the CDC includes indoor masking even for the vaccinated, but this may continue to change as cases fluctuate. --->READ MORE HERE
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