Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Police Department Says Border Patrol Dumping Coronavirus-Positive Migrants in Texas Town; Police Just Discovered an Entire Hotel Has Been Rented Out for COVID-Positive Immigrants, and related stories

Police department says Border Patrol dumping coronavirus-positive migrants in Texas town:
A police department in Texas said migrants with COVID-19 were being dumped in its small border town after being apprehended by Border Patrol.
Law enforcement in La Joya, Texas, showed up on Monday to a Whataburger restaurant after a concerned citizen reported a family that was "coughing and sneezing without covering their mouths and were not wearing face masks," the La Joya Police Department wrote. After employees at the establishment requested the group to leave, an officer made contact with the family. The family explained afterward that they were nabbed by Border Patrol but quickly released after agents found they had COVID-19.
Police said they later learned that border authorities passed the migrants, many of whom were COVID-19-positive, to Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley, which contracted all the rooms in the Texas Inn. Officers found 20 to 30 suspected illegal immigrants were staying at the hotel. The majority were not wearing face masks, officers observed.
La Joya law enforcement, which has been assisting Border Patrol for the past few months, said the migrant transports were also occurring in McAllen, Texas, and Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley did not notify officers before engaging in the practice. --->READ MORE HERE
Police Just Discovered an Entire Hotel Has Been Rented Out for COVID-Positive Immigrants:
A charity in the border town of La Joya, Texas, reportedly has rented an entire hotel to house illegal immigrants who have tested positive for COVID-19, giving no notification to the local community.
Fox News State Department Correspondent Rich Edson tweeted Wednesday night, “Police in La Joya, TX, a Border town, announce a charity has rented an entire hotel here for COVID-positive migrants. They say they only found out when a family, showing symptoms and staying there, ate at a restaurant next door. A customer flagged down a police officer.”
A later post added, “They’re advising La Joya to mask up and distance.” --->READ MORE HERE
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