Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Disloyal: New Freedom Center Booklet Exposes the Military Brass's Betrayal of Our Country

Introduction – Who Will Defend Us?
By David Horowitz
The following portraits of our top military leaders should strike fear into the heart of every American, and fill them with disgust. Military officers take an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” and to “bear true faith and allegiance to the same.” The disturbing portraits of America’s top military brass by Daniel Greenfield in this pamphlet show that to a man they have betrayed their oaths and their county and imposed on the service men and women under their command an alien ideology that attacks our Constitution, preaches hatred for our country and sows racial division in the military ranks. If the troops tasked with fighting our Marxist and Islamist enemies in a dangerous world are indoctrinated with hatred for their country, their Constitution, and its values, who will defend us?
There are 1.3 million active-duty personnel in America’s armed forces. Polls show that the attacks of 9/11 by Islamic Jihadists finally undid the damage inflicted on the military’s reputation by anti-American leftists during the 1960s and 70s. For the first time since the Vietnam War, the vast majority of Americans supported our troops.
But now a generation of disloyal military leaders is undermining bipartisan support for the military by embracing leftist racism and anti-Americanism. Their radicalism is pushing conservatives out of the armed forces while undermining unit cohesion and troop morale. Their allegiance to critical race theory and the viciously anti-American 1619 Project has led them to divide members of the armed forces into opposing camps of “oppressors” and “oppressed,” – the same Marxist categories that led to the murder of more than 100 million people in the last century, and that are inspiring genocides in China, Africa, and the Middle East today.
In a military led by disloyal commanders, America becomes the enemy.
The Navy releases videos claiming that “this country has a history of systemic racism” rather than expanding freedom.
“You don’t know the anxiety, the despair, the heartache, the fear, the rage and the disappointment that comes with living in this country... every single day,” the Air Force’s highest noncommissioned officer declared in his official capacity.
The Space Force is now fighting for “equality.” Who is it fighting against?
What effect is this warped radicalism having on the morale of our best and brightest? Some truth-tellers, like Lt Col. Matthew Lohmeier, have been removed from their commands for stating the obvious: dividing America’s military by gender and race and identifying the majority of its troops as “oppressors” creates divisions that can only weaken our ability to defend ourselves. Others are resigning or committing suicide. Suicide rates have risen 25% while military leaders focus on fighting “systemic racism,” which has been outlawed since the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The vast majority of the suicides have been by white men who were betrayed by woke generals.
Joint Chiefs Chairman General Mark Milley
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley and his service branch leaders have falsely claimed that the military is racist and that it discriminates against black people and minorities. How then explain why 75.6% of the active-duty military personnel killing themselves are white? Facts don’t faze ideologues, and our military can’t survive having them as leaders.
This pamphlet consists of portraits of the heads of America’s military branches who are focused on demoralizing our troops and setting them against each other, when they should be unifying them and rallying them to defend their country, which is still an inspiration to lovers of freedom around the world.
The Biden administration not only approves this leftward lurch in the military; it inspired the malaise by waging a false war against “extremism” in the military as a pretext for purging America-loving conservatives from its ranks. Its political appointees are indoctrinating officers and soldiers to believe that their country is racist, sexist, evil, and probably not worth risking your life for if you are 18 or 19 and have a life ahead of you.
The military is being encouraged by its leaders to reject racist America and advance “social progress,” a slippery category as defined by the political left. Diversity training and community organizing are being used to brainwash soldiers and transform the military the way college students and campuses have been turned into hubs for Marxist propaganda and political correctness.
This Marxist intrusion into military training and sabotage of the military mission shows that the Left is close to winning its war on America. And every American should worry about that.
Betraying America
by John Perazzo, Mark Tapson and David Horowitz --->READ THE REST HERE

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