Saturday, August 14, 2021

Biden's COVID-Infected Illegal Aliens are Stealing Hospital Beds From Americans; Yes, the Chaotic Border Is a COVID Superspreader, and other C-Virus related stories

Biden's COVID-Infected Illegal Aliens are Stealing Hospital Beds From Americans:
It's funny how worked up the media gets over hospital beds and coronavirus cases. Except when those beds are being hijacked by the illegal aliens that Biden is funneling into Texas in the hopes of turning the state blue. Biden's crony, AG Garland, illegally sued Texas over the state's efforts to block Biden's non-profit coyotes from moving illegal aliens across the state. Meanwhile places like Laredo are trying to preserve hospital beds by busing illegal aliens on buses into Austin and Houston.
He said providing the buses is a necessity because Laredo has a “waiting list” for hospital beds and the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise. He said there were about 800 active cases on Wednesday and that included a 3-month-old migrant girl who was brought by Border Patrol to Laredo from the RGV.
“We don’t even have a pediatric ICU,” Saenz said. “The federal government can take them someplace else. They have a choice. But we, as residents, really don’t have a choice. We’re literally fighting
for beds here if there are beds available. So it’s truly a public health crisis.” --->READ MORE HERE
Townhall Media/Julio Rosas
Yes, the Chaotic Border Is a COVID Superspreader:
More than 18 percent of illegal alien families and 20 percent of unaccompanied minors who recently crossed the border tested positive for the coronavirus upon leaving Border Patrol custody.
Incredibly, there are some flights scheduled to deport illegals that had more than 25 percent of the passengers testing positive. ICE ended up removing those passengers from the flights but there is little doubt that the United States has a COVID superspreader problem at the border.
And the responsibility is wholly Joe Biden’s --->READ MORE HERE
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