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68 Years of Russian Microwave Radiation Attacks on Americans with Impunity; New Attacks on US Officials Prove Russia is Our Enemy, Not Our Friend, and related stories

Illustration by Linas Garsys/The Washington Times
68 years of Russian microwave radiation attacks on Americans with impunity:
Some 200 American diplomats, intelligence, and military officers have been harmed, severely disabled and perhaps even killed by apparent microwave radiation attacks over recent years and decades, probably using weapons the Russians bragged years ago they were developing.
Americans have been targeted and harmed by these attacks in Moscow, Peking, Shanghai, Havana, Vienna, some American cities, and now, even outside The White House.
All this raises a major question: Why do U.S officials, who are investigating this matter, act like they are unaware of the nature and source of these “mysterious” attacks?
This month, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, trying to reassure his diplomats about the microwave aggression, stated in a memo that the government does not know what is happening or how to stop it.
Most of the reporting on the subject has portrayed the apparent attacks inaccurately or incompletely as a new phenomenon and of uncertain origin. For example, the other day, a Pentagon correspondent reported that these attacks “began in Cuba five years ago.” Has the media forgotten its own reporting from just a few years ago?
In fact, it has been widely and accurately reported, the attacks began in Moscow 68 years earlier, in 1953.
Furthermore, the Russians have privately admitted this, justifying it because they were simply jamming listening devices on the U.S. embassy’s roof, as The New York Times reported some 45 years ago. As correspondent Bernard Gwertzman wrote on February 26, 1976, after 15 years of denials, “The Russians have privately admitted to using microwaves, to counter the array of listening devices on the [U.S. embassy’s] roof, they have claimed. Some people think they use microwaves to activate their own surveillance devices hidden in the embassy.” --->READ MORE HERE
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New attacks on US officials prove Russia is our enemy, not our friend:
President Biden is on a mission to try yet another “reset” with Russia. He’s reached out to President Vladimir Putin for a summit that took place in Geneva in June, canceled the sanctions on Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline, and refused to blame the Russian state for the devastating cyberattacks on our food and gasoline reserves, fingering “Russia-based” criminal hackers instead. But few attacks of any kind emanate from Russia without the Kremlin’s permission.
Putin is ignoring Biden’s overtures and instead escalating a low-grade warfare against America. He seems to even be inflicting brain damage on some of our fellow Americans.
Since Biden assumed office in January, more than twenty US diplomats stationed in Vienna, Austria — the hotbed of spy operational activities — have reported unexplained health issues. The debilitating symptoms, including dizziness, vertigo, nausea, severe headaches, sudden sensation of heat, cognitive difficulties and even possibly permanent brain damage — are consistent with what has been dubbed “Havana syndrome.” The difficult-to-diagnose ailment first struck US officials in 2016 in the Cuban capital, and since then, the victim list has grown to approximately 130 intelligence officers, military personnel and other American officials, mostly stationed overseas. --->READ MORE HERE
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