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TRUMP NEWS: Donald J. Trump: Why I’m Suing Big Tech; Trump Brings the Winning Message with Big Tech Lawsuit, and 10 other Trump related stories

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Donald J. Trump: Why I’m Suing Big Tech
If Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can censor me, they can censor you—and believe me, they are.
One of the gravest threats to our democracy today is a powerful group of Big Tech corporations that have teamed up with government to censor the free speech of the American people. This is not only wrong—it is unconstitutional. To restore free speech for myself and for every American, I am suing Big Tech to stop it.
Social media has become as central to free speech as town meeting halls, newspapers and television networks were in prior generations. The internet is the new public square. In recent years, however, Big Tech platforms have become increasingly brazen and shameless in censoring and discriminating against ideas, information and people on social media—banning users, deplatforming organizations, and aggressively blocking the free flow of information on which our democracy depends.
No longer are Big Tech giants simply removing specific threats of violence. They are manipulating and controlling the political debate itself. Consider content that was censored in the past year. Big Tech companies banned users from their platforms for publishing evidence that showed the coronavirus emerged from a Chinese lab, which even the corporate media now admits may be true. In the middle of a pandemic, Big Tech censored physicians from discussing potential treatments such as hydroxychloroquine, which studies have now shown does work to relieve symptoms of Covid-19. In the weeks before a presidential election, the platforms banned the New York Post—America’s oldest newspaper—for publishing a story critical of Joe Biden’s family, a story the Biden campaign did not even dispute.
Perhaps most egregious, in the weeks after the election, Big Tech blocked the social-media accounts of the sitting president. If they can do it to me, they can do it to you—and believe me, they are.
Jennifer Horton, a Michigan schoolteacher, was banned from Facebook for sharing an article questioning whether mandatory masks for young children are healthy. Later, when her brother went missing, she was unable to use Facebook to get the word out. Colorado physician Kelly Victory was deplatformed by YouTube after she made a video for her church explaining how to hold services safely. Kiyan Michael of Florida and her husband, Bobby, lost their 21-year-old son in a fatal collision caused by a twice-deported illegal alien. Facebook censored them after they posted on border security and immigration enforcement. --->READ THE REST FROM PRESIDENT TRUMP HERE
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Trump brings the winning message with Big Tech lawsuit:
Donald Trump, 45th president of the United States, said he was launching a lawsuit — seeking class action status, too — against Google, Facebook and Twitter and their respective CEOs over allegations of wrongful censorship, as premised on the social media companies’ acceptance of government-backed benefits known as Section 230 protections.
That’s what happens when you boot from social media a sitting president with deep pockets and scores of influence. You get sued.
You get sued and quite possibly, hit with a massive class-action slap-down.
This is a winning issue for Trump.
It’s a real “give the people what they want” moment.
Americans — at least conservative Americans — are ticked off at smug social media giants that smugly silence voices who don’t follow the left’s talking points, and then just as smugly refuse to acknowledge that what they’re doing is targeting conservative voices to silence. --->READ MORE HERE
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