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CDC: In-Person Learning Is a ‘Priority’ But Unvaccinated Children Must Wear Masks; A Child’s Chances of Surviving a COVID-19 Infection: 99.995 Percent, and other C-Virus related stories

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CDC: In-Person Learning Is a ‘Priority’ But Unvaccinated Children Must Wear Masks
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said it is a “priority” for children to safely return to in-person learning for the upcoming school year but said unvaccinated children should continue to wear masks, detailing its position in a guidance released Friday.
The federal health agency released updated guidance Friday, recognizing in-person learning for children as extremely beneficial and listing their return to the classrooms as a “priority.” This is “regardless of whether all of the prevention strategies can be implemented at the school.” Nonetheless, it is still advancing the notion that unvaccinated children should continue to wear masks in school. Currently, children under the age of 12 are not cleared to receive a vaccine. As such, the CDC recommends “layered prevention strategies” to “protect” the unvaccinated.
“COVID-19 prevention strategies remain critical to protect people, including students, teachers, and staff, who are not fully vaccinated, especially in areas of moderate-to-high community transmission levels,” the guidance states, urging localities to “monitor community transmission, vaccination coverage, screening testing, and occurrence of outbreaks to guide decisions on the level of layered prevention strategies.” --->READ MORE HERE
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A Child’s Chances of Surviving a COVID-19 Infection: 99.995 Percent:
Via the Wall Street Journal, a statistic from a new comprehensive study that should be cited early and often whenever anyone starts making noises about reverting back to distance learning when kids go back to school in autumn: “Some 99.995 percent of the 469,982 children in England who were infected during the year examined by researchers survived.” Underlying health conditions, especially serious brain or nerve-related disabilities, increased the risk of dying of COVID-19. No child with a stand-alone diagnosis of asthma, diabetes, epilepsy or Down syndrome died from COVID-19. --->READ MORE HERE
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