Thursday, July 1, 2021

The Truth is Out There: Gov’t Releases UFO Report; Unexplained Phenomena Could Pose Security Threat; Gov't Can't Explain 143 of 144 Mysterious Flying Objects, Blames Limited Data, and related stories

Department of Defense via AP
The truth is out there: Gov’t releases UFO report; unexplained phenomena could pose security threat:
A string of UFO sightings by military personnel remains largely unexplained but could involve “breakthrough technologies” that pose serious threats to national security, and the federal government must collect much more data before reaching any firm conclusions, the Pentagon and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence said in a highly anticipated report released Friday.
The study is the government’s most comprehensive look in decades at UFOs, which the report calls “unidentified aerial phenomena,” or UAP. Still, the report hardly offers the concrete answers that many lawmakers, scientific researchers and paranormal enthusiasts anticipated. A classified portion reportedly was delivered to Congress. Lawmakers of both parties praised the serious government investigation but stressed that it was “inconclusive.”
In the unclassified materials that the ODNI posted online, the government says the dozens of UFO sightings may have a host of explanations, including airborne clutter, natural phenomena and “foreign adversary systems,” such as high-tech weapons or aircraft fielded by China or Russia. --->READ MORE HERE
DoD via The Stars Academy of Arts & Science
UFO Report: Gov't Can't Explain 143 of 144 Mysterious Flying Objects, Blames Limited Data
The U.S. government can't explain 143 of the 144 cases of unidentified flying objects reported by military planes, according to a highly anticipated intelligence report released Friday.
That report, released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, was meant to shed light on the mystery of those dozens of flying objects, spotted from 2004 to 2021, but instead said it didn't have adequate data to put all but one of them into a category.
That one UAP — shorthand for "unidentified aerial phenomena" — was a large, deflating balloon, the report said.
"The others remain unexplained," the report, which was required by Congress, added.
While the report explicitly stated that "unusual" activity had been reported on multiple occasions, it also did not rule out that those incidents were the result of errors or "spoofing."
"In a limited number of incidents, UAP reportedly appeared to exhibit unusual flight characteristics. These observations could be the result of sensor errors, spoofing, or observer misperception and require additional rigorous analysis," the report said. --->READ MORE HERE
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