Thursday, July 1, 2021

Senate Republicans: Passing Democrat Infrastructure Bill Would Lead to ‘Cradle to Grave Welfare State’; Biden’s Fact-Free Infrastructure Fact Sheet, and related stories

Senate Republicans: Passing Democrat Infrastructure Bill Would Lead to ‘Cradle to Grave Welfare State’:
Senate Republicans said Monday that backing President Joe Biden’s infrastructure compromise would only create a “cradle to grave welfare state.”
President Joe Biden tried to soften his language after he threatened to block a bipartisan bill if Congress did not pass a leftist reconciliation bill containing more social spending than physical infrastructure.
Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) hardline tactics have enraged many Senate Republicans, many of whom are wary of a deal that would entail tying an infrastructure bill backed by Democrats and Republicans with legislation that would contain more climate change and welfare provisions.
Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN) said in a statement Monday: --->READ MORE HERE
Jonathan Ernst/Reuters
Biden’s Fact-Free Infrastructure Fact Sheet:
On June 24, the White House put out a fact sheet on the much-celebrated bipartisan infrastructure deal. The purpose of these fact sheets is not to present a full, detailed explanation of proposed legislation, and we don’t have an actual bill yet. Indeed, the purpose is more political — to set the narrative and give the public a reference point from which to start debate on whether the proposals are good ideas. It would be unfair to expect full details from a fact sheet, but we should expect some details. Especially when the White House prefaces the whole thing with the notion that it’s “showing that democracy can deliver results.”
The only thing the American people know about this infrastructure deal is that politicians want to spend $1.2 trillion of their money. On what? Infrastructure. It should be said that this is an improvement over the Democrats’ proposed plan, wherein everything was infrastructure. At least we’ve narrowed down to actual infrastructure. But Congress agreeing to spend money on a broad category is a pretty low standard for celebration.
It’s a bit like planning to meet a friend for lunch. To decide where to meet, you ask what he’s in the mood for, and he replies, “Food.” Insofar as you want to have lunch with him, that’s a good thing, but it does not move you any closer to actually meeting him somewhere and having lunch
Now, the fact sheet is a little better than that. It specifies $1.2 trillion in infrastructure spending and splits it into categories. Some examples: $109 billion for “roads, bridges, major projects,” $66 billion for “passenger and freight rail,” and $55 billion for “water infrastructure.” --->READ MORE HERE
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