Wednesday, June 2, 2021

What's Your Plan As Major US Cities Devolve Into Lawless Wastelands Dominated By Violent Criminals?; Death Toll Rises in America's Cities Because of Progressives' Racist Ideas, and related stories

What's Your Plan As Major US Cities Devolve Into Lawless Wastelands Dominated By Violent Criminals?
Our cities are filled with extreme violence, and the blood of the innocent flows in our streets, and yet most Americans still seem to be in denial about what is happening. This isn’t just a momentary spike in violent crime that we are witnessing. The increase in violent crime that we experienced in 2020 was unprecedented, and things have been even worse in 2021.
If you are not familiar with those numbers, here is a reminder
Police and public reported data details that from January through March of 2021, the homicide rate rose by 28% from the same period last year in 20 major cities across the country. Homicides had already previously risen by 30% in 2020.
Everyone should be able to agree that we are very rapidly going in the wrong direction.
But many on the left assured us that things would “return to normal” and the violence in the streets would subside once Joe Biden was in the White House.
Obviously, that hasn’t happened. In fact, the violence in New York City over the weekend made headlines all over the nation--->READ MORE HERE
Armando L. Sanchez/Chicago Tribune via AP
Death toll rises in America's cities because of progressives' racist ideas:
This past week the Fraternal Order of Police issued a report on the skyrocketing murder rates in urban settings across the United States. The report focused specifically on cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Minneapolis and Washington, D.C., which have all experienced exponential increases in homicides compared to the same time last year.
Murders in our nation’s capital, for example, are up 35% as of May 25, 2021. Philadelphia has increased 40%. Minneapolis is up 56%. And Portland takes the brass ring coming in at a stunning 800% increase so far this year.
Now, one might rightly ask, what has led to all this bloodletting. Why are people dropping like flies on our nation’s streets? How is it that American cities have come to be known more for their death rates than their restaurants and sports teams?
Well, in a word, here’s why — consequences. Ideas always have consequences. Bad ideas will always bring bad results.
Consider exhibit A in this week’s scramble for the worst thinking in the media. --->READ MORE HERE
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