Monday, June 21, 2021

U.S. Unilaterally Lifts Some Sanctions on Iran. Says No Connection to Nuke Talks; Iran’s Misdeeds, Terror Efforts Dismissed in Biden Push for New Nuclear Deal; House Republicans Demand Congress Reviews Any New Iran Nuclear Deal, and related stories

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U.S. Unilaterally Lifts Some Sanctions on Iran. Says No Connection to Nuke Talks:
I don’t know if they hired a bunch of comedy writers at the White House or not, but the administration’s explanation for lifting some economic sanctions on Iran strains credulity and would elicit some giggles if it weren’t so incredibly serious.
The economic sanctions lifted by the Treasury Department are of minor irritation to Tehran. They lifted sanctions on some officials of the Iranian state oil company and several other companies involved in shipping and trading petrochemical products.
But the timing of the announcement should raise a few eyebrows. Iran will hold a presidential election in a couple of weeks, and it could be that Biden is trying to strengthen the “moderate” forces in Iran ahead of the vote. --->READ MORE HERE
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Iran’s misdeeds, terror efforts dismissed in Biden push for new nuclear deal
Weapons-laden Iranian warships are speeding across the Atlantic Ocean and may be destined for Venezuelan ports.
In the Red Sea, Iran-backed Houthi forces battling the internationally recognized government this week reportedly planted sea mines in a direct threat to U.S. Navy ships that sail in the strategically vital waterway.
Last month, Iranian financing helped militants from Palestinian Hamas, which the U.S. and Israel consider a terrorist group, launched an unprecedented rocket war on Israel.
Iran-linked militias in Iraq and Syria have repeatedly targeted U.S. personnel in the Middle East, and Iranian speedboats routinely harass American vessels across the region.
None of that seems to be affecting President Biden’s quest to strike a new deal with Iran to limit the Islamic republic’s nuclear program in exchange for lifting harsh economic sanctions that President Trump reimposed.
Top Biden administration diplomats, led by special Iran envoy Robert Malley, are in their sixth round of indirect talks with Iran in Vienna. They are motivated to act quickly because of the Iranian elections Friday and the growing expectation that an anti-American hard-liner will win. --->READ MORE HERE
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