Monday, June 21, 2021

Police Retirements Surge and Struggles to Recruit Since Killing of George Floyd; Law Enforcement Recruiting Woes: a 'Combustible Mixture,' 'Crisis,' and 'Wake-Up Call', related stories

James Keivom
Police retirements surged after George Floyd killing, data finds:
Cops across the country have been calling it a career since the murder of George Floyd in 2020 — which sparked national scrutiny on policing, new research shows.
Several agencies in the nation are seeing an almost 45-percent surge in retirements and departures compared to the year before Floyd’s death in Minneapolis at the hands of convicted cop Derek Chauvin, according to data from the Police Executive Research Forum obtained by the Associated Press.
“It’s a wake-up call,” Chuck Wexler, head of the Washington-based group, told the outlet.
There is a “crisis on the horizon” for departments that need resources, as shrinking staffs and increases in crime create a “combustible mixture,” he added. Hiring has slowed by 5 percent, the Forum also found. --->READ MORE HERE
Law enforcement struggles to recruit since killing of George Floyd:
Law enforcement agencies across the country experienced a wave of retirements and departures and are struggling to recruit the next generation of police officers in the year since George Floyd was killed by a cop.
And amid the national reckoning on policing, communities are questioning who should become a police officer today.
Mass protests and calls for reforming or defunding the police, as well as the coronavirus pandemic, took their toll on officer morale. The rate of retirements at some departments rose 45% compared with the previous year, according to new research on nearly 200 law enforcement agencies conducted by the Washington-based Police Executive Research Forum and provided to The Associated Press. At the same time, hiring slowed by 5%, the group found.
The wave comes as local lawmakers have pledged to enact reforms — such as ending the policies that give officers immunity for their actions while on-duty — and say they’re committed to reshaping policing in the 21st century. And recruiters are increasingly looking for a different kind of recruit to join embattled departments. --->READ MORE HERE
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