Sunday, June 20, 2021

Trust the Experts: Scientists Admit Lab Leak Theory Cover-Up Because Orange Man Bad; Families Say, Unvaccinated West Point Cadets Getting Bullied and Punished, and other C-Virus related stories

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Scientists Admit Covering Up Lab Leak Theory to Avoid Being ‘Associated’ with Trump:
By way of an unforgivable (but very revealing) act of silence, several scientists now admit to having misled the country for more than a year by covering up their belief that the coronavirus lab leak theory is valid enough to warrant investigation.
In other words, here’s one more reason to never again trust the scientific community.
What we have here is an astonishing admission and one more reason not to believe the so-called scientific consensus about ANYTHING, most especially life-altering issues such as Global Warming or Climate Change or whatever these charlatans call it today.
Think about it…
If a herd of scientists is willing to lie through an act of omission about the lab leak, imagine the other lies they’re telling us — or are allowing to be told — when it comes to everything else.
Far-left NBC News reports: --->READ MORE HERE
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Unvaccinated West Point cadets getting bullied and punished, families say:
Unvaccinated cadets at the US Military Academy at West Point are getting singled out, bullied and unfairly punished — even if they have COVID-19 immunity from earlier infections, according to a report.
All but around three dozen of the 4,500 students at the centuries-old New York training academy have been vaccinated — with a spreadsheet showing the cadets’ status getting widely circulated, Fox News said.
Those not vaccinated are derided as “diseased” and “dirty” and treated as outcasts — and punished for violating mask and social distancing mandates, even after statewide restrictions have been lifted, cadets and their families told Sean Hannity.
Some cadets complain that they are unable to take any leave this summer because a seven-day enforced quarantine eats up any available time. --->READ MORE HERE
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