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The Abraham Accords - The Trump Accomplishment Joe Biden Cannot Reverse With the Stroke of a Pen; No, the Gaza flare-up didn’t kill Trump’s wildly successful Abraham Accords, and related stories

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The Abraham Accords - The Trump Accomplishment Joe Biden Cannot Reverse With the Stroke of a Pen:
With the Abraham Accords (the Accords), President Trump and his team provided the first genuine glimpses of what peace in the Middle East could look like in my lifetime. More importantly, they demonstrated how to accomplish it. Much like he insisted American domestic and foreign policy center on Americans’ safety, prosperity, and security, his team’s approach to the Middle East encouraged Arab leaders to do the same for their citizens.
This premise is how the Accords were explained to me by Joseph Levine. Levine is a localization specialist and author who lives outside Tel-Aviv in Israel. He works with the Israeli government and military on various contracts and is one of a handful of people I have met on social media that I consider both a friend and a mentor. Levine has been a guest on various podcasts that I have had since 2015 and enriched my view about the on-the-ground realities in the Middle East.
When I began talking with Levine, the Obama administration was barreling towards the Iran Deal. At the time, his perspective was that this approach to Middle East politics would reduce the United States’ influence in the region. Obviously, this a vacuum that Russia could fill since they already have a significant presence. The Trump administration reversed this trend by being as pro-Israel as any in my lifetime.
The U.S. isolating the Iranian regime economically and politically reinforced Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s willingness to speak out fiercely against the Iran Deal during the Obama administration. In some ways, the Obama administration’s approach to the region had consolidated the feeling among the Sunni Arab nations that Iran was a more significant existential threat than Israel. --->READ MORE HERE
No, the Gaza flare-up didn’t kill Trump’s wildly successful Abraham Accords:
America’s foreign-policy establishment and peace-process industry are having a field day: The latest round of fighting between Israel and the terror group Hamas, they insist, has sounded the death knell for the Abraham Accords, the Trump-brokered peace treaties between the Jewish state and several Muslim nations.
Leading the Schadenfreude Brigade was White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, who on Tuesday declared from her podium: “We don’t think [the accords] did anything constructive, really, to bring an end to the longstanding conflict in the Middle East.” The peace-processors failed for decades to make Mideast progress, and the Gaza flare-up gives them and their DC mouthpieces (like Psaki) a cheap chance to crow, “I told you so.”
Reality disagrees, however.
The monumental agreements signed last year will continue to flourish, because their foundations remain solid — whereas doing things the peace-processors’ way will return America to the failures of the past.
The peace-process industry (or syndicate) represents the elite’s thinking on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the wider Middle East. It is composed of former diplomats, left-leaning think tanks, nearly all of corporate media and academia and the wealthy donor class that underwrites their work. --->READ MORE HERE
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