Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Hunter Biden’s Misdeeds Stagger Compare to Trump’s Fake Scandals; In Latest Hunter Biden Racism Reveal, Corrupt Democrat Media Silent Again, and related stories

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Hunter Biden’s misdeeds stagger compared to Trump’s fake scandals:
There is Bernie Madoff-level government corruption in Washington. There is Clinton Foundation-level grift in politics. And there is Anthony Weiner-level sleaze wherever the media, government and politics collide.
And then there is Hunter Biden.
Seriously, what does Hunter Biden have to do to become a scandal around here?
How about cheating on his wife and children to sleep with his dead brother’s widow? Nope. That just spawned waves of pity over the tragic loss of his brother.
President Trump once famously joked that he could go out into the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and “wouldn’t lose any voters.”
While Mr. Trump never actually shot anyone on Fifth Avenue, he was accused of so many worse crimes by the Democrats and the media during his time in office: Russian stooge. Racist. Rapist. Gasser of protesters. Murderous insurrectionist.
All fantasy and Mr. Trump was accused of all of it — often in extensive collusion with U.S. government intelligence services. Not only did Mr. Trump not lose any voters, he gained some 13 million more in the 2020 election. --->READ MORE HERE
In Latest Hunter Biden Racism Reveal, Corrupt Democrat Media Silent Again:
The corporate media last week failed to hold Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s troubled son, to the same standard as other public and non-public figures upon the report of his n-word usage. Once again, there is not a peep from that same media with regard to the latest report that the Biden son used a derogatory Asian slur in a text message.
According to text messages obtained by the Daily Mail, Hunter called Asians “yellow” in 2019 to his cousin. Caroline Biden texted Hunter, “Do you want foreign or domestic. I can’t give you f-cking Asian sorry. I’m not doing it,” to which Hunter replied, “Domesticated foreigner is fine. No yellow.”
This is the second report that Hunter used racist language. The Daily Mail previously published text messages Hunter Biden sent to his white attorney, referring to him by the n-word. Whereas Morgan Wallen, Mimi Groves, Kyle Larson, and others have been punished by institutions after extensive reporting on n-word usage, the president’s son receives zero scrutiny or accountability. --->READ MORE HERE
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