Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Gov. Whitmer’s COVID-19 Shutdown ‘hypocrisy’ Energizes GOP Challengers for 2022; US Borders With Mexico and Canada to Remain Closed For Another Month, and other C-Virus related stories

Kaytie Boomer/The Bay City Times via AP
Gov. Whitmer’s COVID-19 shutdown ‘hypocrisy’ energizes GOP challengers for 2022:
Tudor Dixon missed out on a final face-to-face goodbye with her grandmother, who died in a nursing home under strict Michigan rules for visitation.
Ms. Dixon now wants to take down the woman she blames: Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat whose handling of the COVID-19 pandemic has made her a top target for Republicans in elections next year.
“They didn’t even open the blinds,” Ms. Dixon told The Washington Times as she recalled standing outside the building where her grandmother was kept. “They just opened them so the slats were open, and I had to pick up my four daughters so they could try to see her through the window.”
“Can you imagine a time in your life in the history of the United States that the governor says if your loved one is in the facility dying you are not allowed in?”
Ms. Dixon, a co-host of the conservative TV news show “America’s Voice Live,” said other Michigan residents faced their own trials. Ms. Whitmer‘s shutdown orders were among the strictest in the U.S., but the governor regularly made headlines for seeming to break the rules. --->READ MORE HERE
US borders with Mexico and Canada to remain closed for another month:
The US borders with Mexico and Canada will remain closed to all non-essential travel for at least another month to limit the spread of the coronavirus.
The extension of the restrictions, which have been in place since March 2020, was announced by the Department of Homeland Security on Twitter.
“To reduce the spread of #COVID19, the United States is extending restrictions on non-essential travel at our land and ferry crossings with Canada and Mexico through July 21, while ensuring access for essential trade & travel,” DHS wrote. --->READ MORE HERE
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