Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Chairman Milley Degrades, Divides and Politicizes the Military; What is Behind Gen. Mark Milley's Righteous Race Sermon? Look To The New Domestic War On Terror, and related stories

Chairman Milley Degrades, Divides and Politicizes the Military:
General Milley of the Joint Chiefs of Staff turned in a performance that was part gaslighting and part humiliating theater
It's hard to imagine how his part in the hearing could have gone any worse than defending the imposition of critical race theory by arguing, “I’ve read Mao Zedong. I’ve read Karl Marx. I’ve read Lenin. That doesn’t make me a communist.”
The military does not, as of yet, conduct Communist indoctrination sessions. And while officers might have read Mao and Lenin, they weren't being told to read it because it was "on the right side of history".
As I said, yet. At the rate we're going it may only be a matter of time --->READ MORE HERE
Greenwald: What is Behind Gen. Mark Milley's Righteous Race Sermon? Look To The New Domestic War On Terror:
For two hundred forty years, American generals have not exactly been defined by adamant public advocacy for left-wing cultural dogma. Yet there appeared to be a great awakening at the Pentagon on Wednesday when Gen. Mark Milley, the highest-ranking military officer in the U.S. as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, testified at a House hearing. The Chairman vehemently defended the teaching of critical race theory at West Point and, referencing the January 6 Capitol riot, said, “it is important that we train and we understand ... and I want to understand white rage. And I'm white."
In response to conservative criticisms that top military officials should not be weighing in on inflammatory and polarizing cultural debates, liberals were ecstatic to have found such an empathetic, racially aware, and humanitarian general sitting atop the U.S. imperial war machine. Overnight, Gen. Milley became a new hero for U.S. liberalism, a noble military leader which — like former FBI Director Robert Mueller before him — no patriotic, decent American would question let alone mock. Some prominent liberal commentators warned that conservatives are now anti-military and even seek to defund the Pentagon.
It is, of course, possible that the top brass of the U.S. military has suddenly become supremely enlightened on questions of racial strife and racial identity in the U.S., and thus genuinely embraced theories that, until very recently, were the exclusive province of left-wing scholars at elite academic institutions. Given that all U.S. wars in the post-World War II era have been directed at predominantly non-white countries, which — like all wars — required a sustained demonization campaign of those enemy populations, having top Pentagon officials become leading anti-racism warriors would be quite a remarkable transformation indeed. But stranger things have happened, I suppose. --->READ MORE HERE
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