Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Biden's AG Garland Interferes With Georgia's Election Reform to Aid Democrats; Georgia Secretary of State Predicts DOJ Lawsuit Will Further ‘Destroy Voter Confidence’, and related stories

Biden's AG Garland Interferes With Georgia's Election Reform to Aid Democrats:
Anyone who didn't think that the Biden White House wouldn't resume Obama's war on election reform laws by abusing the DOJ was not paying attention.
The partisan security hole in civil rights legislation is that it protects Democrat voters through disparate impact, but not Republican voters, or at least no state has seriously tried to defend the disenfranchisement of white voters, which is a very real thing, by using disparate impact.
Since Democrats cheat and since Democrat voters are more often minorities, any election security or reform system will invariably impact Democrat voters enabling Democrats in the DOJ to launch baseless and illegal lawsuits to interfere with state election laws. --->READ MORE HERE
Dustin Chambers/Reuters
Georgia Secretary of State Predicts DOJ Lawsuit Will Further ‘Destroy Voter Confidence’:
The Department of Justice lawsuit challenging Georgia’s allegedly discriminatory election integrity law will only exacerbate the public’s lack of confidence in the voting system, Georgia secretary of state Brad Raffensperger told National Review Friday.
The lawsuit, announced by Attorney General Merrick Garland Friday morning, alleges that Georgia’s voting law, signed by Republican governor Brian Kemp in April, discriminates against the state’s black voters — an argument Raffensperger called “offensive.”
“People need to understand that progressives, particularly the ones at President Biden’s Department of Justice have been trying to chip away at commonsense election reforms and election integrity measures that we’ve had in Georgia for decades,” Raffensperger said.
The lawsuit is especially frustrating for Raffensperger considering the trials and tribulations his office faced in the wake of the 2020 election cycle.
“We’ve been working tirelessly to rebuild the confidence of voters, and now the Department of Justice is taking another whack at the integrity of the process, which destroys voter confidence,” he said.
Polling shows that while Democrats were slightly more skeptical of the state’s voting systems prior to Election Day, Republicans were far more skeptical in its wake, after former president Trump repeatedly claimed the election was stolen and spread baseless claims of fraud. The flip-flop demonstrates that partisan efforts to discredit the levers of democracy do have an effect on voters’ trust in the democratic process. --->READ MORE HERE
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