Sunday, May 30, 2021

TRUMP NEWS: For 2022, Trump Returns to the Secret Sauce That Gave the GOP Congress in a Historic Landslide; Trump Train Only Grows Stronger in Face of Attacks, and 13 other Trump related stories

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For 2022, Trump Returns to the Secret Sauce That Gave the GOP Congress in a Historic Landslide:
Setting his sights on the 2022 midterm elections, former President Donald Trump has begun crafting a policy agenda that echoes a historic Republican election victory under a Democratic president, the “Contract with America” in 1994. Trump has also brought in the man responsible for the 1994 midterm victories, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.
In recent weeks, Trump has sat down with Gingrich, Mark Meadows (his former chief of staff and a former Republican congressman), and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) at Mar-a-Lago to begin crafting a document to spearhead 2022 Republican victories just as the Contract with America helped propel Republicans to majorities in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, Politico reported.
Gingrich told Politico that the 2022 “Contract with America” will not likely debut soon, but he did list many potential priorities for the document.
“It should be positive,” Gingrich said. “School choice, teaching American history for real, abolishing the ‘1619 Project,’ eliminating critical race theory and what the Texas legislature is doing. We should say, ‘Bring it on.'” --->READ MORE HERE
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Trump Train only grows stronger in face of attacks:
Paul Ryan, House speaker-turned-Fox-board-member, sideswiped Donald Trump during remarks delivered at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, saying the former president was causing the Republican Party to drift from the “core principles of conservatism” and that GOPers must shun the “populist appeal of one personality,” else face a fate of nothingness.
Shortly after, on CNN’s “Don Lemon Tonight,” Democrat Rep. Jamie Raskin said his party members wanted to keep the Capitol protest investigation going because they regarded Trump as “an absolute pariah in America.”
If the idea is to make Trump inconsequential, then this is the wrong way to go.
Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, George W. Bush, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, etc. — bring it on. The Trump Train keeps on chugging.
The more the RINOs, the more the Democrats, the more the haters in the elitist camps and leftist camps and globalist camps attack Trump, the more his supporters rally around him. It’s like a Newton’s Law thing.
The more anti-Trumpers try to shut down Trump, the more the spirit of Trump rebels. --->READ MORE HERE
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