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Mark Zuckerberg Should Never Be Allowed To Touch U.S. Elections Again; How the Big Tech 'Masters of the Universe' Imposed Their Will on the American Electorate, and other FACEBOOK related news

Mark Zuckerberg Should Never Be Allowed To Touch U.S. Elections Again
Nobody elected Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and he has made no secret of his political bias. That should be enough to ban him from influencing election machinery.
After decades of whining about the evils of privatization, the same set of leftists who once cried “eat the rich” and “abolish billionaires” in 2020 embraced a billionaire’s efforts to partially privatize American elections. Anyone paying attention to election integrity efforts following serious questions some legislators raised after the 2020 general already know his name.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg poured a shocking $350 million into a nonprofit called the Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL), massively inflating the organization’s revenues from only $1.4 million in 2018. The “Zuck bucks” were then distributed as CTCL grants to hundreds of county and city elections officials in 47 states and the District of Columbia.
CTCL, which has a highly partisan history, claims its grants were strictly for COVID-19 exigencies and denies any partisan pattern to their distribution. The data suggest otherwise.
Across the nine states in which Capital Research Center has traced CTCL grants—Arizona and Nevada, Texas, Michigan and Wisconsin, Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Georgia—CTCL’s largest grants consistently favored big, Democratic-leaning jurisdictions like Philadelphia, Maricopa County, and Houston. All these jurisdictions were essential to Joe Biden’s victory.
“Zuck bucks” flowed in higher proportion to counties won by Joe Biden than those won by Donald Trump. In Georgia, nine of the ten counties with the greatest shifts to Biden in 2020 received CTCL grants. Statewide, Biden counties were two-and-a-half times more likely to receive CTCL funding than Trump counties.
In Nevada, CTCL appears to have ignored 15 of the state’s 17 counties, which happened to be the ones Trump clinched by an average of 73 percent. CTCL ultimately only funded the two counties incorporating Reno and Las Vegas. They both went for Biden, delivering 92.4 percent of Biden’s votes in the entire state. --->READ MORE HERE
Illustration by Linas Garsys/The Wash Times
How the Big Tech 'Masters of the Universe' imposed their will on the American electorate:
The easiest way to get removed from the Internet and social media is to announce that you believe the 2020 election was stolen.
Even though publications like The New York Times and TechCrunch as well as countless Russia collusion-hoaxers have suggested the 2016 election might have been rigged, only a fool would even hint at such a thing regarding the 2020 presidential election at this moment in time. Unless, of course, you want to become another #CancelCulture martyr (which is, let’s be honest, becoming a bit passe).
To be clear: I absolutely am not suggesting the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump and his supporters.
After all, there doesn’t appear to be any truth to the spy-thriller-esque notion that voting machines designed for Hugo Chavez and purchased in China but located in Germany flipped votes to Joe Biden.
What I have come to believe, however, after extensive research that appears in my new book “Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption” is that the manipulation of social media platforms and activism by partisan Democrats in Silicon Valley was a deciding factor in the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. --->READ MORE HERE
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