Friday, May 14, 2021

The Dark Face of Palestinian Terror; Biden Has Emboldened Israel’s Enemies; 'This is Kristallnacht': Palestinians Continue Attacks on Israelis With Rockets, Street Violence, and related stories

The Dark Face of Palestinian Terror:
The "Israeli-Palestinian conflict" is spinning out of control toward another possible all-out war. Blame should, of course, fall on the Palestinian terrorists operating from Gaza, who have once again fired hundreds of rockets inside Israel against civilian targets. This time, the terrorists deliberately escalated what began as a local fracas over the possible eviction of Palestinians from homes they have been occupying in an area of East Jerusalem known as Sheikh Jarrah. Israeli Jews claim that this land belongs to them. After a barrage of rocket attacks, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) struck back. The Palestinians are complaining. Here we go again.
The pattern is very familiar by now. Palestinians use a pretext to start a riot. The Israeli police and security forces respond proportionately. The Palestinians up the ante, prompting a further Israeli response. Then Palestinian terrorists in Gaza use the territory they control to launch rocket attacks into Israel against civilian targets. Israel warns the terrorists to stop the rocket fire, which the terrorists ignore. After the Israeli military retaliates proportionately in an effort to target the terrorists responsible for the rocket attacks and their facilities, Palestinian government leaders cry foul. They point to unintended Palestinian civilian casualties, which are often caused by the Palestinian terrorists putting the civilians, including women and children, in harm’s way. Then, with their usual crocodile tears, Palestinian diplomats run to the United Nations, the International Criminal Court, and other globalist forums to reprise their false narrative of victimhood at the hands of the “oppressor,” “murderous,” “apartheid” Israeli regime. The Palestinians can count on leftist support for their cause in the United States, Europe, and elsewhere.
In short, Palestinian militants provoke violence to which Israel responds. Palestinian terrorists target innocent civilians deliberately. Israel targets the terrorists and their facilities, with policies and practices in place to minimize civilian casualties. And like the youth who kills his parents and then asks the judge for mercy because he’s an orphan, the Palestinians ask the so-called “international community” to rally around them. --->READ MORE HERE
Mohammed Salem/Reuters
Biden Has Emboldened Israel’s Enemies:
This week, well over 1,000 rockets have been launched into Israel by Palestinian terrorists operating out of Gaza. The rockets have been aimed at schools, at Israeli civilians in the highly populated Tel Aviv area, and — in a major escalation — at Ben Gurion Airport, which connects Israel with the outside world.
Due to the incredible performance of its Iron Dome missile-defense system, Israel has been able to minimize its casualties. But because no system is perfect, and with Hamas and Islamic Jihad launching hundreds of missiles simultaneously, some have managed to slip through, doing damage to property and killing several Israelis, including a father and daughter in the city of Lod and a five-year-old boy in Sderot.
Understandably, Israel has responded with air strikes targeting terrorists in Gaza and their infrastructure. Israelis go to great lengths to minimize civilian casualties. They have notified Gazans of impending attacks and have employed the practice of “roof knocking,” whereby they drop nonexplosive devices on buildings to alert residents that it is about to be targeted by an air strike so they have time to vacate.
The terrorist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad routinely fire and store rockets in civilian areas. This tactic has naturally put more Palestinians in harm’s way. Indeed, this is part of the strategy, as civilian casualties in Gaza help the groups to gain support among the international community, and on the American left.
The latest wave of rocket attacks came after escalating Palestinian riots in Jerusalem, which related to two separate issues, both of which have been completely distorted by the media. --->READ MORE HERE
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