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Border Patrol Union: Impossible to Protect American Public With Open Border; Texas Border Patrol Agents Spend Less Than 50% of Time Patrolling Border Amid Surge; 20 Governors Demand Corrective Action, and related stories

Charlotte Cuthbertson/The Epoch Times
Border Patrol Union: Impossible to Protect American Public With Open Border:
The most concerning aspect of the border crisis is the increasing number of illegal aliens who are getting away, says National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd.
“We don’t know who they are, where they’re from, or what their intentions are,” Judd told The Epoch Times. “When you look at border security, when you look at the border, we have to be able to identify who’s coming into the United States. And if we can’t do that, it’s impossible to protect the American public.”
In February, Border Patrol estimated that around 30,000 illegal aliens crossed the U.S.–Mexico border and evaded capture; in March, it was around 37,000; and the preliminary numbers for April show around 42,600 escaped. That’s about 1,400 per day.
On May 5, the Webb County Sheriff’s Office discovered 76 illegal immigrants locked inside a residence in Laredo, Texas.
On top of that, Judd said, “it’s very fair to say that there’s a large number of people that are able to get away that we don’t even detect.”
Some of those illegal aliens who manage to bypass Border Patrol then end up getting picked up during a high-speed vehicle chase, or locked in a tractor-trailer unit, or packed by the dozens in a stash house. Others die on ranchland trying to get around a Border Patrol checkpoint, or they’re abandoned by a smuggler because they get sick. --->READ MORE HERE
AP Photo/Eric Gay, File
Texas Border Patrol agents spend less than 50% of time patrolling border amid surge
Border Patrol agents in some of the hardest-hit areas of the migrant surge are being pulled off the front lines and spending most of their time processing and taking care of illegal immigrants, according to law enforcement officials who ticked off the grim statistics of the situation for The Washington Times.
The Del Rio sector of Texas says assaults on agents have doubled compared with last year, and high-speed pursuits are up 40%.
Arrests of migrants with sex offense records are up more than 2,500% in the sector, a region of the border that was relatively quiet for the past decade but became a major crossing point this year after the Biden administration erased get-tough policies.
Del Rio agents have rescued more than 1,000 people but recorded 35 deaths from drowning or exposure to the elements.
Amid the violence and death, the most striking statistic the law enforcement sources revealed may be the way the Border Patrol itself is stretched. At one station in Del Rio, 56% of agents’ time is spent not in the field but in processing or taking care of illegal immigrants, usually juveniles traveling alone or parents and children together, all of whom require special care. --->READ MORE HERE
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