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REPORT: China Supplying N. Korea, Iran with Dangerous Nuclear Tech, Missiles; The Chinese Must Be Expelled from U.S. Capital Markets, and 9 other China related stories

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China supplying North Korea, Iran with dangerous nuclear tech, missiles: Report:
China is continuing to sell dangerous nuclear technology and missiles around the world, mainly to North Korea and Iran, according to the Congressional Research Service.
A CRS report published earlier this month reveals that the Chinese government seems to have ceased direct involvement in nuclear arms proliferation and sales of complete missile systems in favor of hiding behind cutout entities.
“The Chinese government has apparently ended its direct involvement in the transfer of nuclear- and missile-related items, but Chinese-based companies and individuals continue to export goods relevant to those items, particularly to Iran and North Korea,” the report states.
A more recent focus of China‘s arms proliferation has been the threat of the acquisition of American-origin nuclear technology. The CRS report said a 2018 State Department annual report on arms compliance provided details of the illicit activities by China.
The Chinese government has denied engaging in arms proliferation activities and has insisted it supports international arms control and nonproliferation regimes.
The report, based on highly classified intelligence, said Chinese companies in 2018 supplied missile goods restricted by the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR), an informal international arms accord, to Iran, North Korea, Syria, and Pakistan. --->READ MORE HERE
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The Chinese must be expelled from U.S. capital markets:/
Most Americans would be shocked and angered to learn that the same Chinese companies currently building weapons to threaten U.S. troops are also simultaneously raising money in U.S. financial markets. And even more disturbing, Wall Street continues to help the Chinese Communist Party access U.S. financial markets and exploit unwitting American investors.
In late 2020, President Trump became the first U.S. president to take action against China’s duplicitous use of America’s stock markets. Specifically, Mr. Trump issued an executive order that established new rules to prevent the CCP — and Wall Street — from using America’s capital markets to fund Chinese military companies.
Thankfully, the Biden administration has left this important executive action in place. And now, Wall Street is finally being forced to expel these CCP military companies from U.S. stock exchanges. Earlier this month, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) announced that it would follow the law established by the Trump administration and delist three massive Chinese telecom carriers: China Mobile Ltd., China Unicom Ltd. and China Telecom Corp. --->READ MORE HERE
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